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:: 13/14.6 :: Sublime Frequencies at Festsaal, Xberg

Sublime Frequencies coming to Btown, bringing the incredible Omar Souleyman and Group Doueh to Festsaal, Xberg. AND Check out this Believer Interview with co-founder Alan Bishop, and remind yurself why supporting the border-hopping pioneers might redeem you of yur sins of having bought that last piece of shit straight from the entertainment industry’s Giant cookie cuttin A-HOle!

“AB: The lyrics are not an important thing to me. In fact, it can be a distraction. If I knew the language enough to know it was a horrible love song with stupid lyrics—like most of the popular songs are today in the English language that I hear—then it would be much more of a turnoff then if it would allow me to interpret it from the expressive capabilities of the vocalizing or of the sound itself, which allows me to create my own meaning for it, which elevates it into a higher piece of work for me.”

Added Info : Day 2 – Film & Talks begin 16h, includes a panel at 20h with Marcus Boon, Sublime Frequencies, and Noureddine Ben Redjeb, all for 5.- € . See full progam here at Club Transmediale

[ Sankai Juku, Hibiki (1998) ]

We were remembering the first time seeing them at Zellerbach Hall in Berkeley … and thinking ART LIKE THIS can change the world… not sure what happened to That idea ; ) … but still this perfection of movement and reclaimed time is in synch to blow yur mind! And WHAT IF the theater turned everything inside out and everyone downtown in their numbered buckethead blocks and glass tower cells swallowed the Butoh pill and danced ever-so-slowly out the emergency exits ??!

:: 11-13.6 :: for In Transit 09 at Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt
1st berlin appearance ever, hard to believe they’ve never brought their work here before.


:: 13.6 :: David Harvey at Stadtraum Workshops, 14h + at Freie Uni, 18h? + :: 15.6 :: at Humboldt Uni

:: 6-21.6 :: Action Weeks – “Wir Bleiben Alle!”

:: 13/14.6 :: Berlin Lacht – Intl. Street Theater Festival, Xberg

:: 12.6 :: Ex-Berliner Relaunch Party at Festsaal, Xberg

:: 21.6 :: Fête de la Musique

:: 26.6 :: Animal Cops in Sophiensaele

:: 17.6 :: MissVergnugen, Jri et Podinski in Eschshloraque

:: 20.6 :: Global Mash part 4 in Mama B.

:: 7.7 :: Shazam + Podinski mix the Altes Museum extravaganza

:: more :: more :: more…

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