::} mai-days ::} juni-days ::} sommer blurbs part 4

:: 30.5 :: Druckerfestival Finnisage ab 14h party… Later, at dusk (ab 21h) the XLterrestrials + MDC team up to screen a rare + Must See collection of “Money Shorts” … Dr. Podinski recommends 3 out of 4 dodgy films (or more) and Everything You Need To Know About The Current Financial Fuck. Followed by the soon-to-be cult film feature about THE anarcho-faelscher mastermind of the 20th century! In Galerie Czentrifuga, Mariannenplatz 21, X-berg … + then the party continues at Rauchhaus across the street.

:: Now :: Karneval Kulturen all weekend + Sunday parade!

:: 3.6 :: Lost Film Fest at BetaHaus, Prinzessinnenstr. 19-20, VJ Beiben is like a magnet spinning around the globe attracting all things catalytic, funnybone and brain-refueling. Presenting DIY media and hot-off-the-heist archives like a time bandit arriving from an unexpected portal into your living room, warehouse, street, local venue. In his coat pocket he’s carrying the master pizza delivery map inside a jack-in-the-box that pops out and unfolds into a getaway bicycle… just in time! And if this kinda media hacking ain’t  getting serious enough and ya wanna go deep down the rabbit holster, he and Liz C. have been packing Evil Twin Booking since 2002, for the xtra edu-tactical hits !

:: 30.6 :: NIN on tour, at Arena in Berlin… tour in the States has been with Jane’s Addiction. we’ll have to see what the Berlin show will look like, but Arena with its outside waterfront ‘beach’ bars should make for a great show! XLt to be honest hasn’t kept up with the NIN new material, but having read some articles/ interviews with Reznor can account that he’s one of the few music industry high-flyers that is kicking Hard against the lame systems that dominate the territory! Abandoning the big label fuck and experimenting with DIY-release-styles. And the latest album is a completely free giveaway download. Ah and we recently watched a fun video of him together with The Coup doing an MC5 cover. Support the Jams !

:: 13/14.6 :: Omar Souleyman + Sublime Frequencies in Berlin at Festsaal Kreuzberg… check the site for full tour schedule.

:: 6.6 :: ErsatzMusika im Kulturbrauerei, post-Soviet urban folk on Asphalt Tango label.

:: 25.6 :: Analogik in Kaffee Burger ( pre-fusion ), the freshest take on balkan we’ve heard for awhile, and everything from hiphop, computergame-music, dub, cowboy-music, jazz , and happy sailor chum thrown in to keep you on yur toes.

:: 25-28.6 :: Fusion Festival, some groups we’ve seen listed so far from various sources: Firewater, Analogik, A Hawk And A Hacksaw, ( Guts Pie Earshot, Figli di Madre Ignota, Melt Banana, Faust, Jahcoozi, Dikanda, SkaZka Orchestra… hmm this last batch of groups don’t seem so sure after looking at some of their own pages ) … tbc.

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