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So many more Mayday things to list, standby, we’ll try to squeeze in as many as we can, while we simultaneosuly juggle amazing new content to blow yur mind in the XLterrestrials Xtra Xtra LIVE ABDUCTIONS special … see above. And please see part 1, as we won’t repeat all of those entries here.

> 16.5 > Global Mash with Alcalica + Spark + XLterrestrials Live + vj Silace Amaro ( Mdc) im Mama, zionskirchstr.5 in Prenzl.berg ab 21h

Inspired by Lawrence Lessig’s total incompetence as a (future) freedom fighter, XLterrestrials show 2nite will demonstrate that Youtube Remix Crapola Culture Uberalles is a good example of ideas of liberation hatched from the digital 90s bubblegumdom…

ok, we’ll have to admit, he just opened our eyes bigtime ( perhaps unintentionally, haha ), but anyway one should always be aware of the necessity to take the piss out of a techie+lawyer perspective now and then… and we do wish him well on his battle to rewrite the dismal structures of congress.

But standby for a psychomedia analysis of Lessig’s new Remix book and his presentation and discussion last nite at Sophiensaal put together by the Henrich Boll Foundation. He triggered many many off-the-grid thoughts with his powerpointillisms of Thomas Jefferson’s dead Moose, Infernal Machines, and Bush and Blair singing Lionel Richie… cause, well we’d much rather hear the remix where theys a singin ” Workin on The Chain Gang! … and we’d much rather stand in the forest and see a 10ft elk in the wild as opposed to hearing of one taxidermied, referenced, memed and stuffed in a lawyer’s bag o tricks like a digital re/write Macguffin. stay tuned, stay tuned…


In California:

> 5.15- 5.6 > Hopium, Submedia TV West Coast Tour

> 5.15 > “Street Art SF” : graffiti themed films at Othercinema

> 5.23 > “The End of Analog” : films by Caspar Stracke, Negativeland, etc. at OC

> 5.30 > “Avant To Live” : Exp. films by James Hong and Yin-Ju Chen, Bryan Boyce, Martha Colburn, Dale Hoyt and many more at OC

[Please note, for better or worse OC now on Facebook and Otherzine on Myspace]

22/23.5 > Rovat 2009: Fissures, Futures (for Buckminster Fuller) with Rova Saxophone Quartet, w/ Swedish-born percussionist Kjell Nordeson, Canadian contrabassist Lisle Ellis, cellist and Kronos Quartet alumna Joan Jeanrenaud, and violinist Carla Kihlstedt. And featuring Berlin-based multimedia artist Lillevan at Kanbar Hall at the JCC, SF


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