Parallel Politics: Chicken John and Josh Wolf ( And The People of SF ) Have The Potential For Transforming The Mayoral Race From A Zombie Democracy Theater Into A Wild Card Catalyst Event


Analysis of the Chicken John vs. Josh Wolf debate at Chez Poulet ( pic from the omnipresent Scott Beale/ Laughing Squid ) …coming soon! [ See Below ]
Meanwhile read the current news here: Debate and here: Dear Gavin Newsom

The race is on for both of these candidates to raise enough money to enter into the Voting Game ($5000 ante) by FRIDAY, and while you might initially think this couldn’t posssibly be a worthy expenditure, THINK AGAIN! It is in fact the only game in town… for trading in this year’s dead horse democracy for new paradigms, not to mention quite possibly the best comedy show to ever hit City Hall !

You can help support these 2 candidates here:


Make no mistake, there wasn’t a chance in hell the political and financial power elites of San Francisco and beyond were ever going to cede the helm of a major US city to an outsider like Matt Gonzalez, a campaign that looked like it was running neck and neck til that very suspect, but oh-so-predictable end, when those absentee ballot rabbits were pulled out of the hat. But the movement it spawned was unlike anything the grassroots community had even dreamed of, the only real problem was that it took the Democracy Theater and City Hall more seriously than itself. And when the inevitable defeat came down the people swallowed and wallowed in their stunned depression/paralysis for weeks, months, years instead of moving ahead with all that creative Green will without the conservative and decrepit shell that couldn’t catch the new paradigm wave.

Initially when we heard that Chicken and Josh were going to take on the system in this year’s mayoral primetime election sitcom episode we thought: this is going to suck, this has no teeth, this has no radical attack, this is only going to bounce right off the Election Spectacle like a rubber vomit prop without ever aligning with or voicing of the very real political crises from homelessness to gentrification to cronyism to labor issues to healthcare to the filthy rich getting filthier…, etc etc.

BUT after experiencing the debate the other night, just hearing such authentic voices (and sharp humor) coming from extremely opposite worlds than professional politicians will, when up against a big business-bidding puppet, make for extraordinary comedy at the very least …and perhaps at best a glorious surrealist train wreck.

This might seem like a real stretch, but perhaps similar to what La Otra Campagna (The Other Campaign) is accomplishing in Mexico, they have the potential to catalyze and cultivate the hunger for, and actual activity towards, something detached from the sham democracy and self-serving govt. system, something the people themselves construct as alternative functioning communities, which in any number of pragmatic forms just ignores the adversary and proceeds with better ideas.

The real subversiveness here lies in the fact that Chicken and Josh aren’t out to win the election, but Are entirely serious about the alternative platforms which they represent. Unless the system were to try to adopt and co-opt them, which would be nearly impossible since they’re coming from so far out in “leftfield” ( if your measuring from that pea-brained nucleus of uber-dull politics ), the primary agenda of making their platforms and ideas heard cannot be impeded or entangled in the stupidity and hollowness and desperation of the usual politics. In fact the more juxtapositions they can manage with that whole absurd theater should highlight the necessity of abandoning that traditional nest of lunacy, where one groomed and “elected” and wholly fictitious Yes Man is supposed to run the whole urban show.

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