XLT ^s. MDC : Where the mechanical bride meets the electro trojan horse kaleidescope

Coming soon to Station 40, Aug.3rd

XLT ^s. MDC : where the mechanical bride meets the electro trojan
horse kaleidescope

As a culture passes the mechanical world threshold, we not only exist
more inside the mediated landscape than outside it, we permit a severe
mutation and reversal of body and function, such that the ubiquitous
prosthetic electronica does not enable communities, but shapes them
for smoother corporate automation, expansion, atomization, excavation,
and excessive waste. The domination of the machine we feared is not
exactly a machine, but our own lives pumped out as an efficient and
metastasizing network reducing each of us to our utility, our parts,
our data-yield and our consumer profiles.

In this game, globalization means you will never have to meet the
objects and avatars you just fucked, and vice versa. Devastation will
be conveniently elsewhere until suddenly it’s not. Nothing is sold as
is, as it appears, because nothing is precisely the plug-in you
ordered and are paying for so dearly.

But there’s simple Paracelsian remedies to regain the upper and lower
hand, the right and left foot, the full sensory pleasures: a small
batch of poison in the form of a multi-media trojan horse
kaleidescope, a short-circuit burst of re-contextualized media in a
feedback loop to lock the worm hole upon itself. A rhythmic crunching,
an encapsulated plastic cannibal digestive and fireworks display to
reawaken irreplicable dionysian embodiments with a not-so-small
attachment revealing the previous blinky lights and purchase form
loops to be a contract to star in the new suckerdom series.

media overloads and dj personas by
xl terrestrials and media decompression


etc… see more below.

satyricon2.jpgmarshall macluhan and the mechanical bride

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