Plogging from the Ostblok

Ok, here it is …

I’m diving into the XL terrestrials plog , having landed in the east blok and ready to rip. 2nd day in Budapest and fresh from The House Of Terror exhibition on Andrassy Ut, where both the Nazis and the Soviet Union set up their little shop of oppression. This building was HQ for the conquering of body, mind and spirit of the Hungarian people. Now turned into a museum and Haunted Mansion FOR REAL : Enough documentation and emotions to fill the wordpress world for weeks to come, but hey there’s no time for that here cause there are new systems of oppression needing urgent deconstructions and arts in action and i’m supposed to premiere my Next Level plans next week and I got plenty to tweak there.

The Transmigration Of Cinema is the new format for getting our infowar on , Jah Mon! Jam on ! Here comes the Spectacle Buster. We open in Cluj, Romania on July 19th. Details coming SOON !

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