The New Age Of Spiritual Toasters…

[ only tangently related image from Burnt Toast, directed by Larry Weinstein ]

“Don’t you dare say that you weren’t warned
that the end was coming soon.
And your eyes shined like Oppenheimer
as he talks about the moon.

And he don’t even taste the food he eats anymore.
And there’s a space in place of where his heart was before.
And he don’t even taste the food he eats anymore.
And he don’t wanna dine alone
And she don’t wanna die alone.
And he wants to eat to live.”

Man Man (Philly band) from their latest Rabbit Habits

It’s not that Ray Kurzweil doesn’t have a few positive ideas about the future (amongst all the more ridiculous post-humanist rubbish that abounds in The Age Of Spiritual Machines + The Singularity Is Near), it’s just that in reality the technologically hyper-consumer-driven culture (pushed by the Cybernetic Totalists/ corporate machine fetishists) might just bring about the fastest spiritual devolution since the invention of the iron maiden.

If one were to take time to (psychomedia) analyze his grandiose (and techno-evangelist) New Age 2.0 predictions, XLt believes one could construct a far more realistic inverted and highly depressing timeline that would reveal that such a merging with our machines could begin to look more like a middle ages enclosure repackaged as a mass $1000ea. silicon weekend tour getaway… turned into years-long perpetual beta, with no social sanity or stability, no guarantees, No EXIT and NO RETURN. More true to the proposed trajectory: Welcome to the Disneyfied final solution! Hold on to your hats and glasses kids it’s gonna be a wild ride!

Just a couple example/juxtapositions here to give you the bigger eco-picture … and the devolutionary dreamtime of the untethered academics/entrepeneurs :

1. As production currently functions, a SINGLE microchip requires 70.5 pounds of purified water. By Kurzweil’s timeline in 2045 (The Singularity) $1000 buys a computer a billion times more intelligent than every human combined. We’ll leave that picture for you to imagine what the drinking water in Mexico might look like in just a decade more of such technological consumer advances in the era of the PERSONAL devices ( um, btw we’ve sang this tune a few times already but again: why didn’t the genius of the shared public libraries route translate to digital realms?! Corporate capital retrograde!)

2. Kurzweil’s prediction for medicine, in 2020: As one of their first practical applications, nanomachines will be used for medical purposes. Sounds expensive and a highly elite treatment and already in 2009 there’s the fast rising figure of 46 MILLION Americans who can’t even get in the door to see a doctor.

So, are Kurzweil and friends smoking the MIT futurist crack ( supplied/sponsored by the industry ) ?!!

While ever-more augmented realities and ‘immortality’ devices ( like viagra?? + brain uploads?? hoho ) Might be achieved for the rich, the Singularity path is not just Near, it’s Nearly Now a disaster for everyone else on the planet… looking more every day like a maquiladora concentration camp just across another border… in someone else’s back yard.

In short, Don’t Believe The Hype of techno-revolution… no techno-redemption here ( or is it the techno-Rapture) and especially lets transcend all those corporate paths of evolution! Why, yur still asking ?! Because this might just turn into a drive-thru eschatological naked lunch special, and u and your society, the unidentifiable hamburger meat.

And ’spirituality’??! ‘Spirituality’ of ‘Machines’?! More Neo-Aged crack?! PLZzzz let’s not shred this word so profoundly, spirituality begins where individuals and society are not only dreaming of a higher civilization FOR ALL… it’s in their actions Now!  In other words… neo-libertarian vulture capital futurists Fuck Off ! Your as fucking obsolete (and self-serving) as a 90s Mac Quadra heap of plastic now sitting in an African landfill.

If anyone is interested in developing a more researched (post-)post-humanist critique please contact us. This is merely a quick rant that could no longer be held back. This will require a counter position, counter proposal where technology is imagined for better co-habitational / sustainable fantasies. According to wikipedia, 2 films about Kurzweil will be hitting the Singularity+Ray K. “PR campaign trail” this year and next, and we believe another world is possible, essential, poetic, egalitarian, shared, sensual…


[ Man Man ? painting by Whalin' Rob Jones ]

Some resources, we’d like to come back to when we have time :

Jaron Lanier’s One Half Manifesto

Jared M. Diamond ’s Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed

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