Return To The Psychomedia Capital, and the Sirens Sing of Fame and Fortune and Inconsequence

Our return to the belly of the LALa Beast, the Psychomedia Capital, to plot a Balkan /East Blok music outlet/label and a possible Ukrainian Social Center fundraiser event, consider a corporate media merger between the XLTs and the Media Decompression Collective, visit with the inspired Center For The Study of Political Graphics, post Create and Destroy stickers in obscure locations, and perform autopsies in the gothic revival loop at the Malediction Club, all proved to be mysterious, mesmerizing, astounding and at times… even semi-productive. And while we did all of those things in partial and sequeled tale-like form, there were a number of surprises inbetween that added to our extended deconstructive mix of those infamous Siren pop songs, none of which could have been fully comprehended without at least one night of tequila shots.

From the Center for the Study of Political Graphics, image by Lex Drewinski.

We met with the amazing folks at the CSPG in part for some research for a friend’s future book with Manic D Press, and saw perhaps some of the Biggest stencils ever from Oaxaca, so large they were archived on 2 sheets of butcher paper, which when laid together made them over 6 ft. tall. The Center has constantly touring political poster shows and there’s currently a call out for posters for an exhibition in 2008 called ” Reclaiming the F word- Posters on International Feminism”. Submission deadline: Dec.15,2007 … Spread the word !

This image below is from the Guerrilla Girls, who were part of the “Wack: Art and Feminist Revolution” show at the LA Moca put together in part by one of the incredible Journal Of Aesthetics and Protest crew, Cara Baldwin. It’s unfortunate that there is not more copyleft imagery posted here, as this work is seldom given a venue and would benefit from wider access, but in any case the Wack website remains active and already has some interesting discussion threads, one of which was triggered by the exhibition’s book cover, a work by Martha Rosler, who we had the chance to catch during the unitednationsplaza program in Berlin last year, archived at V2V – video syndication network.
guerrilla girls


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