Transmigration Of The Avatars + the Soundtracks For Blindfolded Cyborgs @ Multiplace # 8


Raw Transmigration Notes ::

In previous Transmigration sessions ( T.of Cinema and T.of the Telepresent/Telematic ), the XLterrestrial positions had not found enough means or footing to turn the corner from picking away at the perceived errors ( technological, social, environmental, etc.). While we warned that making art  and documents without praxis regarding sinking ships and building barricades against the lunatic auto-captain schools was not the Act of bailing out, was not the Act of inhabiting new structures, was not the Song or Steps of the new constructive poetics; It was merely another confirmation of social errors and it weighed heavily. It nearly took us under in its current, as it nearly cut us off from any channels to interact, cut us off from the discourse of all other worlds in the freefall with which we could ally ourselves and seek the compassionate and winged teachers.

The “Transmigration of the Avatars” program jumps ahead. Having a certain alien glimpse of the future trajectories where “the future that doesn’t need us” is already a fast-selling commodity disguised perhaps as momentary ( and even rentable ) pause/vacation in the discontinued line of joyful embodiments, we make our own move for a Mock Endgame, a “2dh5″ performance, a calculated lunge to establish our Queen on the checkerboard that does not yet appear in the present. Thereby the XL terrestrials return home without ever having left (or disappeared), that place where all directions are possible again. Or from another perspective: the 3 empty shells of the present are all re-filled, and to each her own – a binary whole, the trickster is a thing in the palm, the bets are all now undefined ~ unquantifiable ~ unowned, and both scarcity and opponent shadows are removed. Technically speaking, humanity wins.

~ tbc … and translated ; )

Meanwhile here’s all the Multiplace # 8 Festival info… where ( > ) XL Terrestrials will be premiering The Transmigration Of The Avatars… ( > ) MP highlights +  ( > ) other art news in the area(s) below :

> * * tuesday 14 praague

multiplace opening at Roxy/No Dimension space, since 8pm,
it got renovated earlier this year [ so pod, you may be (a little) shocked :) ]
[ it'll be in czech, but i'll try to translate funny parts :) ]

> * * wednesday 15 praag

evening dedicated to online social networking, ( Facebook vs. Kabilya )
starts at 8pm at the same venue…
[ again - in czech ]

> * * thursday 16 brnoo

REACTIVITY : media activism conference! in house of the arts,
[ biggest art centre in brno ] > XLt (Ea) + Transformers (Hu) premiere Transmigration Of The Avatars, and all presenters here ( times still TBA ) :

> and we should jump to the gallery
with the work by richard loskot,
he makes very nice semi-random installations
it is open 24 hours a day so no problem !
[ and watch out, gallery has website in japanese ]

> * * friday 17 bratislaaava

> we can check manipulated games exhibition in a4 – zero space,
[ the only culture centre in bratislava, in the centre, lots of installations ]

> there is also exhibition of slovak (postmodern) art from 1980s in
slovak national gallery, 15 minutes walk from a4,
through the historical centre,

> at 5pm guca starts (presentation+discussion event in style of pecha
kucha), [ where XLt's Podrescu is one of the presenters! ]
other guests are still to be announced.
held also in a4

> * * saturday 18 back in prahaa

in the afternoon + evening:
installations and performances in water sewage in bubenec
+ share jam organised by elsa.
very nice old building, have a look here

[[ many thx to Barak-D for the listings! ]]

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