Transmigration of the Avatars… Coming Soon To MultiPlace #8

[ From the underwater sculpture work of Jason de Caires Taylor ]

“Transmigration of the Avatars”

Part 3 of the XLterrestrials’ Transmigration Series coming soon to Multiplace #8 festival, “TOA” is a multimedia intervention, reappropriated and deconstructed cinema, psychomedia analysis, psychomagic ritual, lecture, discussion, debate, and virtual exorcism.

> In Brno + Bratislava 14-18.4 ::

[ From vj Podinski for the Other Cinema 25th anniversary party in Berlin ]

What Do Avatars Reap In The Real?! Next Level : Fleshing out the mediated and unmediated activism for inverventions in the looming social orders and errors

Volunteer to be a ghost in the shell!? Alienation, robotomies and virtualisation of our lives aren’t just coming to a theater near you, they’re all here in pre-dreamed guinea pig beta!

As a culture passes the mechanical world and simulation threshold, we not only exist more inside the mediated landscape than outside it, we permit a severe mutation and reversal of body and function, such that the ubiquitous prosthetic technotopia does not quite enable communities, but shapes them for smoother corporate occupation and possession, automation, control, expansion, atomization, extraction, and excessive waste. The domination of the machine we feared is not exactly a machine nor even a Big Brother, but our own lives pumped out as an efficient and metastasizing network reducing each of us to our utility, our parts, our data-yield, our consumer profiles.

Bots, Wormholes, Kaleidescope Trojans, Virtual Bürgers and Radical Flesh collide! Technology on the edge, junk food and junk technology on the periphery, new world disorder front and center. When the discontent gather in cyberspace, who sponsors the avatars? Whose code pulls the strings? Can you now afford to be real?

– Intermedia stage experience with P.Podrescu from XLterrestrials and Maxigas from Transformers.


[ From Park Chan-wook's I'm A Cyborg, But That's OK ]

Paolo Podrescu aka Pod(s) is an XLterrestrial horticulturalist and psychomedia analyst, planting seeds for re-inhabitating sustainable environments and performing unlicensed arts + praxis since 1998.

More backround and subtexts coming soon



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