Welcome to the Reductionist’s Shopping Mall of the Real ( 2nd lives, part 2 under construction)

(oh yeah , stay tune for an ectoplasmic eruption from the gut of a future discontent…part 2 under construction )

In this era of epic-scale communication mudslides where the erosion of careful analysis has now become the given precarious terrain in the ever-shifting net streams and slippery mass media empires, praxis artisans, culture jammers, and humanists, are more frequently bringing out the trojan horse approach to get anywhere near their targets for consciousness-raising and in-depth understanding in regards to the Big Tainted Picture. And somewhere on the far periphery where true research still thrives outside of market-driven objectives, the perceptive anecdotes in Stephen Talbott’s latest book: Devices of the Soul : Battling for Our Selves in the Age of Machines, are brilliantly illuminating the struggles of our increasingly quantified and manipulated lives in those oh-so- revolutionary digitized caves, and coincidentally begins with an unveiling of the Greek origins of the words “technology” and “machine”, which are intertwined with concepts of deception and trickery as found in numerous tales of the Odyssey. Not surprisingly this introductory ancient parallel for an investigation into a whole a host of post-modern predicaments was also about a long journey home.
to be cont.

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