Second Life As The Next Big Media Empire!??


Laughing Squid has reported on a curious new clip from Davide Casaleggio about the future of media. And discussions are just beginning there and at Richard MacManus’s Read/WriteWeb site.

PB Podovic comments:

“This Is a fascinating film to analyze! It certainly makes a slick commercial for Google, Amazon, and Second Life, but here’s a few perspectives that will perhaps make you think differently about the techno-hype and digital-based futures:

First off, US culture can already be considered a failed experiment in virtual reality. Its population and subsequently many others are “already soaking in it” and have become so disconnected from environmental realities that it continues to create a number of unstable global circumstances, if not already 4th world war scenarios.

What many of us would call a projected “dystopian” technopoly future in the film assumes that a US dominated economy could hold for… 5 more decades?!!! Are there even any signs that its current course could last for ONE ?!

Basic resources to sustain life such as water and agricultural necessities will under sane development policies require far different priorities than realizing some silicon valley elite’s fantasy for “holodecks”.

And, it should be mentioned there seem to be many people who have either misread Philip K. Dick’s genius or simply plundering it for a number of sadly all-too-real venture capital opportunities. Think it was in “Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch”, where a version of “2nd life” (requiring hallucinatory drugs supplied by its manufacturers) was a DESPERATE attempt for a labor colony on Mars to somehow find an escape (and/or reconnection) from an unbearable life away from earth. The fact that people spent their wages to fill their barbie-like doll houses with model objects was an hilarious JOKE about our consumer/virtual society, not a concept to pursue as future social engineering. But there ya go, some idiots from the Military Entertainment Complex with too much money at their disposal have attempted to make it the next shopping mall.

Perfect material to research regarding our Transmigration themes, so we are investigating a little further.

To begin, while Lawrence Lessig ( in the clip he becomes a minister of culture ) continues to grow as a central icon in the movement towards the alternatives to copyright, there are pockets of critique and deeper analysis which have surfaced to question whether the Creative Commons approach is rather becoming a reinforcement to intellectual property enclosures. So from that angle it would be a massive fiction fantasy to imagine Lessig in some governmental position outlawing Copyright, and may serve to further obscure the extent to which only a very partial revolution in the freedom of information flows within CC structures can occur. This is not an easy subject to swallow for those who are enthusiastic about CC, and it is hard to imagine that it will not continue to expand in popularity, but for those who wish to go deeper into the struggle, we highly recommend this article at Subsol called “Copyright, Copyleft, and the Creative Anti-commons”

Next up, where Podovic mentions water resources in relation to technological development, this site will give you a picture of where silicon comes from and how computer chips are developed. “For a 2-gram, 32-megabyte memory chip and its plastic package, about 70.5 pounds of water is used.” Haven’t begun to look into that human equation, but can only imagine that if the “holodeck for the masses” ever gets underway, it will undoubtedly pit the machine culture against human survival (and quality of life) issues. Or has it already ??!

Inverse Singularity on the rise. We are developing a new theory that through brain-computer-corporate-capitalist interfaces there is the possibility of achieving Inverse Singularity, i.e. stupider-than-human entities that accelerate technological progress beyond the capacity of (and/or usefulness to) living organisms. That is to say machines or half-humans that reproduce themselves and their agendas in order to advance efficiency and profit and career while existing in purely mechanical, unconscious, dead environments or amusement park loops. After reading Stephen Talbott’s new book “Devices Of The Soul : Battling for Our Selves in an Age of Machines” ( stay tune for a full XLT review) the future of media has a whole new meaning.

[Note: Picture above comes from The Second Life Herald ]

to be cont.

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