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Liebe arts and active organisms,

We are finally getting around to sending out an XL Terrestrials
newsletter. ( this will NOT be a frequent spam-tentacle invading yur
in-boxes, but apologies if this txt is one more unrelated eyesore in these
already over-cubicled days. Please drop us a line if you would like us to
cease all communications, with the subject : Dearest org, Baszd Meg ! )

Onto the Transmigration News :

First off, let me THANK ALL the InGENious social networkers, arts +
activist species, and fellow autonomous Orgs that have assisted, hosted,
and fed us ( spiritually, artisticly and gastronomicly ) on the path !
Invaluable Spores of Friendly Persuasion and Higher Intelligence, JAM ON !
( if u want to send us a mailing address, we will ATTempt to send you
radio mixes to keep u smiling vigilantly …und freiwillig. ) Stay tune
for a comprehensive links list.

So, the XL Terrestrials and I just landed back in Berlin after navigating the
swift currents of ostblok and balkan cultural hotspots. Having passed thru
first danemark and germany, then off to hungary, romania, serbia, croatia,
and slovakia, we made contact with other Terrestrials of all shapes and
sizes, and we encountered a wide variety of funny ideas and disparate
humanoid customs in flux.Nevertheless, consistent with all our previous research, one perception seemed to resonate with our arts and activist presentation, ” The
Transmigration Of Cinema “, in brief: The planet has more than a few
pertinent bleak spots that need our utmost attention. And yet too little
data has been circulating about the ACTS required to turn this little
global theater onto a humane and sustainable course.

So we are busy putting all our archives from the journey into our Berlin
Mitte laboratory centrifuge to seperate the many irrelevant anecdotes from
the arts and activist plasma and to present each in a xtra-binary form
that translates to a new live manifesto-ish infusion, a kind of Surrealist
Dogme2006 anti-script, which has immediate impact on the navigation and
reconfiguration of US, the fleshy bits, that have been captured/incorporated as Xtras in possibly The Most Expensive and Worst Movie Ever Made.
Sadly we must admit our progress at this time is only monitorable at
www.xlterrestrials.org , Yet Another Website that will plop up on your
screen and be wholly dissatisfying, if not infuriatingly inadequate. But
hey consider yourself an XLT, and come interact with any or all of these
sketchy virtual digressions!
AND somewhere on these pages you Might find actual tour news, where we will be appearing LIVE and Mono-GOGGLED at a Theater Near You… in 2-D,3-D, and NOW in Xtra-Large Smell-o-rama. Yes, 8th week on the road , and we have begun to exude a radical + nomadic bouquet. Media ecology and overflowing deconstuctions like a fresh and fruity wine that is still much too young to drink, so we’ve decided to let you soak your very own paws in it.

…Ok already, enough fishy cosmologic poetry-blabber, here’s the latest scoop:Our “first” Berlin presentation of “Transmigration Of Cinema”
is THIS FRIDAY, Sept. 1st

Club der Polnischen Versager
Torstr. 66 – 10119 Berlin
Tel.: 28 09 37 79 (selten)

Freitag, 1. Sept., 21:00h
(5-YEARs!) Jubiläumsparty mit DJ+VJ Pod (USSA, “TOC”) und DJ Manio

DJ Pod p. + “TOC” (transmigration of cinema) ist ein medialer Mix aus
Musik, Film und Vortrag. Ein offenes Forum zum Thema Massmedien und deren
konsumfreundlichem Charakter, jedoch ohne Zeigefinger und mit grossem
Unterhaltungswert. Genaue Infos, Musik und Filme auch unter

( presentation begins 22:30h)

DJ Manio – für Clubbesucher natürlich kein unbeschriebenes Blatt, für alle
andere mit nichtwesteuropäischer Tanzmusik unterwegs.

Gleichzeitig( und auch fruher , ab 19:00h ) Ausstellungseröffnungen in
Pigasus-Gallery ( www.pigasus-gallery.de) und Galerie “Oko”

THE “TOC” Tour, Round TWO :

“Where will we be next?” you ask !? That’s a very good question !
Send us your ideas !! your invitations !! your mullah !! your needs, your pleas !!
(Austria, Balkans, Greece, Mexico, Brazil, Prague, Christiania, Malmo, SF, NYC, are all
currently on the plate )

salut, salaam, servus, syonara, sushi


p.s. Just waved goodbye to one of our tour accomplices, Dan Seizure and his
merry ecotopia-enriched caravan. The weather here just turned cold and
grey and the summer feels like it has hit an entirely predictable reef.
Miss ya already ! Happy voyage ! May we be jammin together very very soon
at the next barricade !


arts + media organisms:


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