The G8 / Anti-G8 / No G8 – Analysis… And All the Love and Fury Inbetween (in progress)

It is of utmost importance to begin by saying that there is no completely authentic analysis that will transpire in the Convenient Containers of The Net, because what happens in life, in the shadows, in the flesh, the fury, the passions, and the birthing of a true-to-humanity response ( much less liberation) has no visual, audio or textual component. So even if what we are about to communicate landed upon the moment with dead-on precision, you will have only absorbed in effect a binary code which requires an unfolding and an embodiment by each “user”. And further, since this IS a text entered into the data stream, the majority of what needs to be said has been omitted in order to camouflage the heart in the parasitic and sterile and ravenous simulacrum, and therefore requires interpretations that go far beyond what is currently codified as the inhuman and viral norms.

So, with that said, one of the best accounts we have so far discovered in regards to what just happened at the G8 convergence, which provides the rare lucidity and compassion of a peoples’ historian, can be found in the writing of Chris Carlsson. While it may approach the 99% of what Can be said in Blogs, remember that this is nearly the equivalent of one eloquent online fairytale in a torrent of a billion consumed surfers and wave simulators who might as well have consigned their e-ships to the bottom of the data-sea at the outset of their virtual migration; whatever you read here has less and less to do with realities on the ground for individuals much less populations. Thus even a Jewel of analysis remains impossible to fully hit home the historical crossroads upon which we find ourselves, but may provide a meaningful jumping point to dive between the lines, between the bits, and perhaps to personally re-assess those cliffs to which we are and will be pushed when we don’t push back.

This will need revisiting but for now we will leave you with 2 excerpts from Chris’ article, ” Effective Politics or Feeling Effective “ :.

“There is actually a striking parallel in the mirror-like behavior of the mainstream press and many protesters in their mutual obsession and focus on the black bloc and violence. At one point I was peering into an internet tent of ten computers (there was great telecommunications provided in Camp Rostock). Half of them were being used to browse images of Saturday’s fight between black bloc and police. At a breakfast table Monday morning, everyone was reading about Saturday’s demonstration. In the Indymedia Center (IMC), most of the internationals uploading pictures and stories were working on images of the riot. My friend browsed English language Indymedia sites and there wasn’t much mention of any other aspect of the protests in Rostock beyond the riot during the first few days. In this sad way, the anti-G8 protesters perfectly mirror the mainstream: if it bleeds, it leads. Conflict and violence are much easier to capture and communicate, and resonate much louder, than any of the dozens of other messages, groups, creative expressions, etc.”


“Waiting for politicians or legal protest to bring about radical change is hopeless. But as people “take action,” there are curious questions about how feeling effective is not the same as effective politics. Obviously the people in motion are an evolving social and political movement, and Rostock is another important chapter in that evolution. Just as obviously capitalism is not directly threatened by dancing in the streets or brawling with police, though it may someday be challenged by the culture that these activities help nurture. If anything we might note that security bureaucracies are responsive and evolving too, learning lessons and making adjustments in response to the endless creativity of its opponents. And as protests grow larger, so too do the resources dedicated to repressing them.”

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