Critical Mass International Day Of Action : G8 Policy on Climate Change, Game Over !


If the G8 policy on climate change will be anything like the glorious successes of its Aid-To-Africa genius ( its focus in Scotland in 2005; read these assessments in the Guardian UK by 1.Monbiot and 2.Larry Elliott and Kate Connolly ), we can all be sure that Planet Inc. will be facing a bleak no-holds-barred, every-man/corpo-nation-for-himself future ! But is anyone really expecting them to come through with anything other than a seppuku theater ritual??

The G8 dirtbags and warmongers haven’t a clue how to cooperate on the most challenging issues of our times, and its long overdue to begin our own independent paths and community/global citizen strategies to sustainable living together in a complex environment.
For the G8 leaders the game’s over; they’re flailing like corporate puppets who’ve got their strings tangled round their necks and are so busy with the PR SHOWS to simulate that everything’s under control, they haven’t realized that the planetary consciousness is already moving on to other paradigms without them.

Nevertheless, in a little bit of a retrograde motion, there’s still a massive international mobilization of the global citizenry gathering in Germany ( Rostock, Heiligendamm,etc.) and on June 8th, a global wide day of action.

This is NOT a pointless excercise. Repeat: This is NOt a PointLESS EXCERCISE ! The leaders of these countries are still obviously inflicting immense damage to our lives and well being, and way too many people around the world still think what the corporate media tells them: that these pathetic avatars of transnantional corporate power are real people with plans to run the world in some ethical manner which will keep everything running “safely” as is.

Perhaps some windows of opportunity are here to 1. crack the delusion, and 2. communicate the reality of the situation so that anyone with any brain cells left COULD NOT POSSIBLY DESIRE MORE Of THE SAME, and that 3. there are so many options out and so many more inspiring worlds that WE CAN MAKE RIGHT NOW, and that 4. as soon as we EXIT THE G8 THEATER, the closer we are to managing our own brighter existence.

So What are some of thses alternate realities you ask?!! Well that’s obviously a loooooooong topic, and one that each one of us needs to contemplate further both individually and within the groups that we work and play in every day. But HERE’s ONE, that’s simple:

The BICYCLE is one of mankind’s most brilliant inventions, and it plays a central role in weaning us from our addiction to Oil not just here in the West but as a solution for real people everywhere…

So come out JUNE 8th, wherever you are, in solidarity for alternate worlds NOW.

For SF Bay Area details check Indybay and Global Exchange
Meets at 5:30pm at Justin Peewee Herman Plaza

And stay tune, as our XLT analysis will attempt to reveal in the coming days, the battles for new direction do not have much chance of surfacing on these virtual tug-of-war stages set up by the G8 summits and the various protests, at least not as much as in the revolution of our everyday lives. But as to whether the G8 showboat will stay afloat that,s another screen that’s certainly going to be a dramatic episode to watch. And all power to the brave citizens who have gathered there to wave goodbye to the old and tired regime(s).

And we’ll take a deeper look into the Politics Of Fear that has so many populations still catatonic in the Spectacle game. And examining a very fringe perspective which Alexander Cockburn has been taking up on Counterpunch: Is there the possibility that global warming is a sham?? And if not as far as a similar ruse by G8 leaders to fabricate and/or construct more ubiquitous enemies (i.e.sinister terrorist organizations, that only our governments could save and protect us from), still they are certainly capable of adding it to their manipulative toolbox in their desperate maintaining of power over the increasingly awakening mass.


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