the Xlt TRAnsMiGRaTiOns with the Stereoscopic Ghost of Che on Acid : Step Right Up The Price Is Light!

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Coming Soon a report from The Transmigration research at New College! A whole host of astounding revelations on the state of planetary intelligence and/or decline of western civilization. Mixed and baked with some heavy dosage of reality from a lifted book called “Devices Of The Soul : Battling For Our Selves In An Age Of Machines” by Steve Talbott… Fuck it’s been a depressing week filled with emo-info overload and way too much online vacuum-ing. This just in : The wealthy and middle class can no longer watch their favorite softporn soap opera-mercials for the violent overthrow of democracy on Venezuelan TV, and then Cindy Sheehan JUST NOW realizes that US Zombie(-crat)s “care more about who wins American Idol then how many lives will be lost in Iraq”. Oh how the pieces of the Great Puzzle are becoming clearer. Don’t go away we’ll be right back after a few messages from our sponsor…

And almost completely unrelated, but we couldn’t resist, a stencil we scooped while hanging in Friedrichshain:


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