Yet More Radikal Musika blurbs :: For strangling at birth all your extended winter blues

[ new album by Filastine - on tour - ]

“Just did a dense tour in France, opening for Leila a few times. They were early concerts, and all with Amelie joining me on cello… The problem is that now that I’m spoiled by having a great string player guest on a number of tracks it’s hard to feel as good about the gigs without her.
This means I need higher pay (I actually LOST money on these recent gigs), this means the ticket price goes up, this means that quickly I could find myself only playing to stiff rich people who politely applaud after each track. Later I’ll get booked at WOMAD you’ll hear my tracks on a Starbuck’s compilation. Might as well just kill myself now to preempt my artistic death.”

A recent excerpt from the Filastine Frequency blog,- yep no less armed + mad whether wielding drum sticks, beat machines or slinging text! There’s some great reads there.

And This Story above ties into some very important discussions we’ve been having about Art Economies, supporting local + DIY artists, and new structures for empowering art communities that matter. Have the Freezones (+ copylefters) gone too far as the dubiously positioned Net plays a hand in clear-cutting the micro-economies in a still far-from-liberated pay-to-play grid ?!

XLt is currently researching new hybrid sustainability routes for the gnomadic + Guerrilla Merchant/Entrepreneurs. A variety of positions in the Anti-Capitalist + Socialist circles, for example, tend to chop off the very digits that are poised to pull the trigger of a loaded gun against the head of corporate-state lockdown-loop dependencies. Standby for a special Podopolog Financial Section from our most naive… but unencumbered perspectives. Where special psychomagic voodoo and raw inexperienced bravado can turn even Business Worlds into a psychoactive + sensual stimulant.

Meanwhile, we got some musika nodes in Berlin you don’t want to miss ! With news coming sooon re :: Paprika Korps, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Babylon Circus, Spark, u.s.w… ( that’s “etc.” for you anglo-centric handicapped )

[ AKB ~ somewhere in the fields between A'dam + Odessa ]

:: Yet MORE Radikal Musika Blurbs ::

> 27.02 :: Sonora Milagrosa + dj Trece + Elmo Lewis in Mama-Berlin

> 28.02 :: Sa. :: Paprika Korps in Lovelite, Berlin

> 28.02 :: Podinski’s ‘Psychotronic Ostblok’ cafe set in Buchhandlung

> 5.03 :: Amsterdam Klezmer Band w/ Russendisco in Kulturbrauerei

> 11.03 :: Jarring Effects w/ Filastine, High Tone, + L’ Oeuf Raide + Led Piperz, in Maria

> 12.3 :: La Cherga in Maria

> 14.3 :: Rupa and The April Fishes, Admiralpalast

> 25.3 :: Babylon Circus, Frannz Club

> Holy F^%$#! :: There’s more news coming…

( and btw, if yur not in berlin, check the links, most of these bands are on tour and may be hitting a home venue near U. )

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