25 Years of Other Cinema… and Transmigrations On The Rise… And The Mock Awards

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[ flyers by Chaosdroid ( and a bit of Borderline Digital / Zulah remixed once again ) mucho respex! ]

Not that we saw so many films this year, but our experiences of this year’s Berlinale and its component Talent Campus ( for emerging artists … or incorporated dupes of Spectacle ?? ) has fueled our psychoanalytic and deconstructive tendencies to no end.

Luckily for us, and before we got ourselves into serious trouble with the dumbed-down, celebrity-gawkin and mass-mediated mob, Other Cinema is coming to town and is helping us keep it all in Upright and Fragile HUman perspective. That’s right, our Jiu Jitsu mind is switched On.

The best counter-screen is not entirely in opposition but already In Production on the uncharted waters. And like a brother on the Port + Starboard sides, giving us plenty of fresh charge + reason to believe… OC comes to celebrate its Silver Jubilee during these neo-Weimar days to reveal that alternative ( + LIVE + Resistant ) art And cinema is still dead-eye relevant (and irresistably fun) in these days of the full-blown epic-scales Transmigration.

Because The Question looms ever larger like an existential Times Square marquee of the body/mind: Are we headed for the great celebrity-avatar checkout counter in the sky … with its fetid and plastinated parameters/axes, its corporate umbilical IDs racking up the Xtra rental fees for all short-termed eternity ?? OR will unbound creativity regain control + chaos over the unwired and unmoored vessels to sail on toward one’s own fertile individuation and collective destiny.

But wait! Before we get all theosolopigal and trippin on the netless nectars ( tbcont.), we’d better tell you first about all the OC Events on the near horizon.

And we hadn’t realized until a month into the preparations for An Other Cinema Tribute Nite that OC has been kickin out the jams for 25 f&*%$ YEARS ! That’s HARDCORE ! And so with added force and gravity, we’ve set our sites for that very shadow of the sun, cinematic, on the edge… and destinations unknown… Come celebrate : : : 25 YEARS OF NON-STOP SUBVERSION !

For those who are not subscribed to the XLt newsletter here goes (v.02:09) :
( btw you slackers are gettin it here first – This time – and in technicolor no less )

the A-side

Greetings Dear Art Organisms + Cinematic Others,

21.2.09 :: INVITE
XLterrestrials presents

An OtherCinema Tribute Nite : 25 YEARS of NON-STOP SUBVERSION !
with Craig Baldwin (SF-OC) in attendance

Featuring the ” Serial Pulp Friction” remixers:
dj/vj Podinski (XLt) , MDC’s Lynch Merrill, James T. Hong + Yin-Ju Chen ( Zukunft musik)

+ special guests: Lillevan (formerly of Rechenzentrum) + Zaji Chalem
presenting “Logistics” from their recent EmbeddedArt.org performance

And Other special guests
… and the Mock Awards Ceremony !

Sat. 21.2 in Eschschloraque
Rosenthaler str. 39 – Berlin – Mitte
ab 21h til dawn
3 euros

the b-side

Dear Berliners, film community, and friends,

7 events with pioneer San Francisco filmmaker Craig Baldwin, who is coming to town this week! Please come by, meet the maker, and enjoy some or all of the events:

1. Artist’s talk
> Feb 19, 7PM, University of Arts, Hardenbergstr. 33. Interflugs, Room 9.

2. Screening of MOCK UP ON MU
> Feb 20, 8PM, Kino Arsenal, Potsdamer Str. 2.

3. Workshop with Craig Baldwin
> Feb 19 thru 21, University of Arts, Hardenbergstr. 33. P1 Room 34c.
Starts Thursday, Feb 19 at noon

4. XLterrestrials present An Other Cinema Tribute Nite
” 25 Years Of Non-Stop Subversion ”
djs/vjs/remixers + performances + special guests
> Feb 21, 9PM-6AM, Eschschloraque, Rosenthalerstr. 39

5. Negativland’s Favorite Things, presented by Craig Baldwin
> Feb 22, 9PM, Kino Arsenal, Potsdamer Str. 2

6. Screening of Mock Up On Mu, in Stuttgart
> Feb 23, 9PM, Club Schocken, Hirschstra├če 36 (in Stuttgart !)

7. Other Cinema Digital at ImageMovement
> Feb 24, 7PM Oranienburger Str. 18,

About Craig Baldwin:
Craig Baldwin is a filmmaker and curator whose interests lie in archival retrieval and recombinatory forms of cinema, performance, and installation. Over the last two decades, his productions have been shown and awarded at numerous international festivals, museums, and institutes of contemporary art, often in conjunction with panels, juries, and workshops on collage and cultural activism. His own weekly screening project, Other Cinema, has continued to premiere experimental, essay, and documentary works for over a quarter century, recently expanding into DVD publishing.

A radical hybrid of spy, sci-fi, Western, and even horror genres, Craig Baldwin’s Mock Up On Mu cobbles together a feature-length “collage-narrative” based on (mostly) true stories of California’s post-War sub-cultures of rocket pioneers, alternative religions, and Beat lifestyles. Pulp-serial snippets, industrial-film imagery, and B- (and Z-) fiction clips are intercut with newly shot live-action material, powering a playful, allegorical trajectory through the now-mythic occult matrix of Jack Parsons (Crowleyite founder of the Jet Propulsion Lab), L.Ron Hubbard (sci-fi author turned cult-leader), and Marjorie Cameron (bohemian artist and “mother of the New Age movement”). Their intertwined tales spin out into a speculative farce on the militarization of space, and the corporate take-over of spiritual fulfillment and leisure-time.

About Other Cinema Digital
The Other Cinema Digital label provides an alternative platform for the distribution of extraordinary film works. We celebrate peculiar visions and offbeat sensibilities, drawn from the contemporary underground as well as the archives. Be it auteur, exploitation, or industrial, OCD delivers a decidedly different audio-visual experience — ingenious, comic, critical… dangerous.

About Other Cinema
Geeeezus just look at the Calendar for 2009, Freddy Mcguire to Chris Carlsson to Ptushko to Martha Colburn… this shit’s been blazing the trails since 1984! And it’s as relevant as ever, which must mean… IT’S ALIVE !


added news:

While we are assembling a clikable glimpse and anecdotal evidence of unforgettable moments and everything we’ve ever learned from Other Cinema condensed into an uploadable public secret spore (yeah yeah stay tune), we might as well announce here that Other Cinema is now on the FACE SPOOK. WTF !?

For those of you already traversing the sinister and treacherous social PanoptiCo. networks, you might as well stop on by… Spore the Higher INtelligence by ANy Means Neccessary, that is at least until the compromises become counter-productive and self-sabotaging.

Are we there Yet ??!


Still More Added:

> p.s. what’s a Mock Awards Ceremony ?!

Well a couple years ago at the Berlinale Talent Campus we had the chance to provoke Ridley Scott ( who btw confessed he never read Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep ) with a few questions. To begin with we found it not the least bit amusing that he sat on a panel about Designing The Future together with Dante Ferreti and a car designer from Volkswagen ( one of a bunch of grotesquely embedded plugs throughout the week) and opened the program with a torturous over-10-minute Prada commercial that he and his daughter made. So we asked if he thought that if the Hollywood-style Operating Systems, such as the Military Entertainment Complex and its Consumer-Oblivion and Patriot plug-ins, continued on its path of uploading agendas to the masses, would our generation even have ANY FUTURE LEFT TO DESIGN !!?

We hadn’t even mentioned directly his collaborations with the Pentagon on Blackhawk Down before he jumped on the defensive to say that he had made an anti-war film. Which is too long a topic for this article to point to its clearly empire-positioned agitprop FX. But just to quickly mention an analysis/ review in The Nation, the film makes no attempt to give voice to any Somalian as a human being with a perspective, and that when screened in parts of Africa, audiences would often cheer whenever the US-striped mercenaries went down.

But aside from Those gory but enlightening details, Ridley also ‘confessed’ he’d had a hand in some 3000 commercials, a truly incorporated pro. And well from the XLt angle that clearly deserves a Golden Sleaze Award !

Confrontation can be Fun! But it was more than a wee bit disturbing, cause no one was asking anything to challenge the Industry bullshit… And this year’s Talent Campus was a very similar loop…

Anyway for awhile we’ve been dreaming of having fun with a culture jam on the Big Hoopla festivals, and so we’re thinking this is a good moment.

And so we’re working on a few Mock Award categories in mind, with perhaps one or 2 serious ones to honor the mentors of the Tactical + Underground Arts!

So here’s a few to get warmed up, and maybe you have some OTHER categories you’d like to send us…or perhaps you’d like to suggest some NOminees for the following:

the Leni Riefenstahl award
( best director to suck up to the deadly empire )

the Rupert Pupkin award
( Scorcese reference, basically the deranged megalomaniac who did what it takes to be a most thoroughly annoying celebrity )

the Kill Yur Avatar award
( best new media deconstruction )


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