XLt’s Xxtra xtra Radical Film Blurbs cont. – Mock Up On Mu, Double Take, L’Encerclement… + +

Johan Grimonprez’s new film Double Take at Berlinale ( times corrected) :
> 11.2 : Arsenal 2 – 20:30h
> 13.2 : Arsenal 1 – 17:30h

Grimonprez’s second film essay ( following the jaw-dropping Dial H-i-s-t-o-r-y ) questions how our view of reality is held hostage by mass media, advertising and Hollywood. Written by award winning British novelist Tom McCarthy, the film targets the global rise of fear-as-commodity, in a tale of odd couples and hilarious double deals. … Not without humor, Double Take invites the viewer to question today’s hegemony of the image, the truth and lies of reality and its influence on our society, politics and culture. ( press release excerpt )

Richard Brouillet spent 12 years making L’Encerclement. Investigating the thinking and analyses of renowned intellectuals – i.e. Chomsky, Ignacio Ramonet, Normand Baillargeon, Susan George, Omar Aktouf, Michel Chossudovsky, and many more – this documentary sketches a portrait of neo-liberal ideology and examines the various mechanisms used to impose its dictates throughout the world.

> 13.2 : Cinestar – 17:30h

[ Kal Spelletich as Jack Parsons in Mock Up... ]

And post-Berlinale, the pioneering + psychonautical film-jammer from San Fran, Craig Baldwin, is not only in town to present his latest collage monster Mock Up On Mu and Negativeland’s A Few Of Our Favorite Things, but is ALSO giving a 3-day workshop on how to launch a next film wave … perhaps beyond the Military Entertainment Complex (see below auf deutsch).

AND XLT will be hosting a special OThercinema Tribute Nite : The Pulp Friction Remixers at Eschschloraque, special guests TBA … and more info coming soon.

> 20.2 : Mock Up on Mu : Arsenal
> 21.2 : Othercinema Tribute : Eschschloraque
> 22.2 : Negativeland’s A Few Of Our Favorite Things : Arsenal

Filmworkshop mit Craig Baldwin
Dauer: 3 Tage (19-21.2.2009)
Universitaet der Kuenste Berlin

Im Workshop mit Craig Baldwin wird es um weitgehende selbsorganisierte Konzepte der künstelrischen Praxis gehen, die folgende Begriffe umfasst: Tote Medien, Arte-faktualität, Cinema Povera, Verfügbarkeit/Abrufbarkeit, Fetishismus, Obsession, Situationismus und Microcinemas.

Craig Baldwin verwendet Found Footage am Rande des populären medialen Bewusstseins und transformiert den traditionellen Dokumentarismus durch provokatve Kommentare die sich gegen eine Bandbreite an Themen richtet: von geistigen Eigentumsrechten und zügellosen Konsumdenken über Amerikanischen Imperialismus, militärisch-industriellem Komplex zu den Ursprüngen von Scientology.

Im Workshop wird er einen historischen Überblick über die Praxis der Reproduzierbarkeit geben, eine Vielzahl an seltenen Filmen und Videos zeigen und einen Mini-Crashkurs der Found Footage Praxis vermitteln.

And if that ain’t enough rocket fuel for ya, here’s a few more XXtra Xtra tips:

> 12.2 : Master composer ( film, tv, theater, and oodles of brilliant indie tunes ) Hahn Rowe will play at Eschschloraque as part of Jochen Arbeit’s 2nd thursdays, monthly : “Soundscapes”

>13.2 NEW addition to Berlinale Talent Campus: Willem Dafoe will make a special TC presentation at the Hyatt in the official Berlinale Press Conference room. It is unclear yet if this is for the general public as well, or just Talent Campus participants + alumni.

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