The Yes Men Have Launched “Operation Sink Milton” And There’s No Turning Back Now! + XTRA ACTION

ADDED NEWS : YES MEN BLOCK BMW’s “CINEMA FOR PEACE” + Activists detain them for Q+A ??! (below)

Urgent news blip :

> 9.2.09 :: Rumor has it that 2 crazy m*therf*kers will be appearing 2nite at The Museum Of Capitalism in Betahaus, and the last remaining screening of Yes Men Fix The World at the Berlinale may be sold out, so where else you gonna get yur fix!!?? 21h, bring something cushy to sit on!

Standby for a full review: The Yes Men Fix The World ( code name: Operation Sink Milton ; ) !



“We aren’t leaving till BMW stops making cars,” declared Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno (also known as “The Yes Men”) as they planted themselves in the middle of the red carpet wearing ridiculous inflatable costumes. “Cars are killing the planet, and charity events that greenwash their image aren’t helping.”

In addition to ongoing violence over the acquisition of oil, burning petroleum in BMW engines is accelerating climate change, which already kills 150,000 people per year and by 2050 will make a billion homeless (according to one UN study) … “This is yet another case where we treat the symptoms but ignore the disease,” said Yes Man Mike Bonanno. Andy Bichlbaum continued: “If we don’t fix our system and start regulating these companies, they will just keep on destroying the world and throwing parties while it burns.”


And in a bizarre twist of events, The Yes Men came away mostly unscathed from their XTRA ACTIONS at a high-profile Berlinale event, but following their appearance at the unofficial Beta Haus/Museum Of Capitalism they were detained and interrogated by media activists, here in this impromptu holding cell, an elevator ( shown above), where there seemed to be enough beer for the next grueling hours.

” We were really disturbed by the movie, and we wanted to know how The Yes Men would fix the world other than by making such a ridiculously serious film. And they told us they weren’t exactly sure, but that some changes were NOT Rocket Science. [ PLUG : stay tune for XLT's review/guide : Operation Sink Milton ] And said they had once been informed by a high-school class where they lectured that they should probably, At The Very Least… have a mailing list! And they were working on that.” said one official activist, who let Mike and Andy eventually return to the main room.

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