Back at TWIce the Speed*?!

We’re sure there’s a good Paul Virillio quote that would be appropriate to describe the backlash and whiplash of dropping out of the PsychoCapital rhythms with its hyper-strained neck sticking out the window to fan the flames and smell the fumes… but no time for that… Here’s a quick drive-by (on bicycle of course) of things to come, and yes that SoCal resource list is still on its way. Truth is we barely left the online communication streams and still re-entry is like a flash flood, but Fuck it! , we’re back for the counter-plunge at half-mast and still twice the speed* .

So coming up:

Crisis of The California Commons

Crisis of The California Commons will bring together folks likes Peter Linebaugh, Sarah Olson (FSRN and SF Liberation Radio ), Chris Carlsson, and perspectives from as far as Hungary, with Bodo Balazs, University of Budapest … all under the curatorial navigations of Iain Boal. Read more at

strange culture

And into the heart of Spectacle, we will be covering some of the beauty ( pics from Takushi Tsubokawa’s “Aria” and Lynne Hershman Leeson’s “Strange Culture”, screening in 2nd Life ) and the beasts of this year’s 50th anniversary of The San Francisco International Film Festival, while simultaneously preparing for the XL Terrestrials homecoming gig at New College on May 16th… Transmigration of Cinema and Spectacle 2.0 analysis at warped speed*. Don’t go away, we’ll be right back with a barrage of backstage, cinematic, and realtime showdown – meltdowns.


More news: Brass Menazeri has their cd release party THIS Sunday night at Amnesia and the Kafana Balkan dj duo is gearing up to play… And next weekend is Voice Of Roma’s annual ROMA FESTIVAL in Sebastopol… this year split into a daytime Ive’s Park block party and then a balkan night of both aural and cuisine delicacies at The French Garden Restaurant… And and … our own Hederljezi v.3 mix should be ready by then.

And a small note on “Speeds” and Working Slowly:

Here’s one film that won’t be at SFIFF’ 5oth, but may be excerpted by our XLT night at New College and/or as full feature upcoming at Station 40’s wednesday night cinema:

Lavorare Con lentezza (aka Radio Alice or working slowly) .

The original title means “Working slowly” and cites a protest song, a
popular leftist anthem in the 1970’s: “Work slowly / And effortlessly
/ Work may hurt you / And send you to the hospital / Where there’s no
bed left / And you may even die. / Work slowly / And effortlessly /
Health is priceless.” (Translated by Wu Ming)

Read more at the Wu Ming Foundation

Radio Alice

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