TEMPORARILY OUT OF SERVICE … We are heading deep into the offline zones!

So we are going to engage (and indulge) in the praxis we have been alluding to with our media deconstructionals: plunging into the deep offline zones for an all-too-brief Breathing In, into the life without the “Bio-ports” ! For those who are not familiar that’s a reference to David Cronenberg’s “Existenz”. It’s one of the excerpted clips we use frequently in our latest program because it presents a darkly lucid, if not ludicrous, next-step scenario toward wo/man-machine hybrids whereby, thru “GAME” developers, one can be plugged in directly thru a biologically installed port. The film’s already eight years old, but has recently seeped into the street language for expressing the “NEED” to finding one’s public wifi.

Quick thanks to all who hosted us! We have come across incredible resources in areas which have a bit of a reputation for being in a desert of the real, that world that’s been strip-mauled and sucked dry and rendered commodities-only. When we return we will have a bunch of great links for SoCal sustainable culture oases.

BTW if you have tried to comment on our site , we have recently been flooded with thousands of spam messages at an increased rate and we will have to sort out a log-in strategy in the future. In the meantime please send us all your love and rage and support to our xl terrestrials contact address.

Ok, back soon, please don’t feed the meter, or as the case may be below: Feed Your FerocitY !


P.s Ahhh, one quick resource link, especially if yur just tuning into the XLT projects. Our Transmigration tales from last year’s east blok tour are featured at NEW MEDIA FIX ( reposted from our friends at Otherzine). Thanks Eduardo!

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