XLTs Land At LA ECO VILLAGE April 6th. Why Not FREETOWNS Everywhere NOW ?!!

We are so excited to present at LA ECO VILLAGE this Friday, see details below. And we’ve been trying to assemble some text to log the bizarre experiences of LA, Das Psychomedia Kapital, the city that William Burroughs descibed as the place with a paper-thin sky that could go up in flames at any instant . But finding little time outside the tour tasks. Nevertheless here Eco Village founder, Lois Arkin and crew, could not have expressed our urgent messages better, so here’s an excerpt and link to the origins of this “Freezone” territory right here in the heart of the mismanaged and mangled urban insanity:

Context of the City which stimulated the founding of the Los Angeles Eco-Village

“Los Angeles is a city in pain, a microcosm of the world. The economic dynamo that runs the city, and the world, is exploitative. Designed to extract value from people and resources for the benefit of relatively few, it leaves in its wake impoverished people, depleted resources, and a degraded environment. The creation of a holistic new economics–what futurist Robert Theobald called a “person- and ecology-centered development process”–here, in Los Angeles, can provide those of us who are making lifelong commitments to social and ecological change, something to look forward to in our old age.

Los Angeles is known for its congestion, smog, concrete, freeways, runaway development, crime, alienation, homelessness, pop culture, high cost of land and housing, and many other more or less awful qualities. In his Los Angeles: A History of the Future, urban ecologist Paul Glover wrote “L.A. is an army camped far from its sources of supply, using distant resources faster than nature renews them… Our region today is so dependent, so uninhabitable, yet so inhabited, that it must transform or die. Sooner or later it must generate its own food, fuel, water, wood and ores. It must use these at the rate that nature provides them.”



(the flag of christiania)
Last year we had the experience of exploring Freetown Christania in Copehagen, a vast expanse of beautiful property also at the center of an urban environment ( and currently under threat of financial takeover of sorts). The moment we dropped in at Eco village and meeting a few of the people, we had the same adrenaline rush that we have exited, escaped, the over-arching stupidity of the post-modern Nation State and entered the home of conscious collective creators. On the back side of Christiania’s entrance sign as you exited, it read ” You are now entering the European Union”, a hilarious culture jam of geographies and space reclamation. The same sense of liberation is felt at EcoVillage…the same warm and dissenting village life, and why are there not more FREETOWNS everywhere? A HUGE question that we will have to come back to… of course… meanwhile if you are in LA come see our media ecology presentation at Eco Village beginning at 7pm…and meet these amazing creators and eco warriors. By good weather it will be an outdoor screening and forum. Don’t Miss it !
L.A. Eco Village
117 Bimini Pl, LA 90004
(Wilshire/Koreatown near 1st and Vermont )

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Next Stop:

The Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA)

UC San Diego, April 9, 7pm

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