XL Terrestrials Crash Land In Hollywood


XL Terrestrials made an emergency landing in the Hollywood Hills yesterday. The LA Times is reporting that 2 teenagers from Illinois were setting off fireworks and turned themselves into police that afternoon. Initially detained by LAPD officers and then released to their parents’ custody, they are pending possible prosecution for reckless fire setting. But the story is a cover-up for the city that remains entirely vulnerable to alien invasions and conscious visitations.

Later that night 2 of the aliens appeared at Telic Arts Exchange in Chinatown to deliver the message that “the Psychomedia Capital” is responsible for spewing millions of Spectacle terrabytes into the psychic atmosphere per year and that the situation regarding the mental stability of the planet has become dire. They speculated that the problem may be a more urgent matter than global warming, because it has become the primary obstacle to understanding the entire array of threats to the human species over the next decades. If not dealt with in the next 5 years, human consciousness may likely experience a “Katrina of mental disorders” worldwide, if not eventual extinction.

In their presentation there was little mention of the incident in Hollywood, though one of the XLT professors of intersocial sattelite communities and semi-permanent autonomous zones, Alef Torpor, said that there was a small unfortunate error in their communications with the Griffith Observatory, with whom they have been in contact since 1973.

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