13m3.sk – summer open academy

Letne Dielne ( summer open academy ) in Bratislava has 4 more days to go. Already some high-level uploads+downloads- practical and theoretical- have occurred since I arrived on Sunday. Pure Data (a popular open source software for sound and visual that is derived from Max, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max/MSP ) presentations reveal a bottomless barrel full of digital possibilities for the mathematically-engaged artist. 2 locals, Peter Gonda and Daniel Toth, have been guiding workshops for 4 consecutive days. And Peter showed me a beautiful pure data-designed network map, one of the most sophisticated i have yet seen with all kinds of statistical info and “net logic” as you mouse over the various nodes. So this is VERY similar to what we are aiming for with the XL Terrestrials map. Be sure to check http://itchybit.org/ and http://poo.sk/ for their related pure data explorations.


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