TOC v. 4.0 : On the bloody trails to the Psychomedia Capital, and Adam Curtis strikes again with The Trap

As we are assembling new clips and fine-tuning for The Transmigration Of Cinema v. 4.0 for our Psychomedia Capital + SoCal tour, we started revisiting the work of Adam Curtis, “Century Of The Self” (2002) in particular, and realized his newest 3 part BBC Documentary is already being aired in the UK.

Adam Curtis' The Trap

Sure to be ripe with astounding glimpses and even deeper analysis of what is all so horribly wrong in the current collective consciousness blender all brought to you so convenient and lovingly repackaged by the Experts ( OF WAR , and other psychopathic schizoid behaviours ).

There’s a great write-up here at The Guardian UK by Charlie Brooker.

And yes, even parts 1 and 2 appear already downloadable, as we speak…

But wait! Before you go suck down more hours in the cubicle to understand your cubicle, make sure you get to the gist of all this: The Transmigration Of Cinema is coming to a theater near you ! And you’ll need plenty of airspace and a few wrenches to tighten up or unleash your resolve to come back down to earth… !

to be cont. Yep, TOC 4.0 and all the gorey Action details coming soon !


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