Turning Corners on the Linear Scripts: Transmediale, Sousveillance, Scient-ill-ogical d-revisions…

Transmediale updates:

> 30.1 : SLUM-TV 15:00h – CET ( live streamed here ) with Biki Kangwana in Berlin and Alexander Nikolic in Nairobi

You can participate thru IRC at: #tm09salon

SLUM-TV is a youth-run media cooperative in the Kenyan slum of Mathare. SLUM-TV members document the lives of the people in Mathare and facilitate a process of self assertion/definition thru regular community screenings. Tackling the negative stereotypes developed in the mainstream media, S-TV has fast become a hotbed for empowerment.



Missionary Positions Impossible

Having just witnessed the scient-ill-ogical attempt at historical and political sabotage-lite where Tom Cruise plays a romanticized version of a 3rd Reichian turned into a uniformed Missionary Position Impossible in Operation Valkyrie, it occurs to us that platforms for subversion may only function when using the mediums Not-As-Directed. Or as Sebastian Luettgert ( Pirate Cinema + Oil of the 21st Century) once stated: using things precisely against the manual prescriptions could be the only re-write / escape/ remedy.

Well, Yes and No. And Beware! It could be said that a mere Inversion only means getting fucked from an opposite angle. Just taking a thing out of its package isn’t turning corners; It often remains in line with a trajectory of the consumed path. Whereas removing oneself from the game ( and its objects + subjectifications), and at various points in the game ( perhaps even to keep the appearance that yur still playing) is an unmediated liberation.

i.e. No Hollywood script overdose, decon, c-jam… will ever make a download-society better, ( in hacker language: yur already owned ), but constructing other menus, landscapes and/or poisons out of a particular device for both DIY misappropriation and/or self-defense is a means to unlocking alternative routes and realities. And There one might find a tasty transpersonal+Paracelsian decoder, if not a time-release capsule for the bunker-bots…Like a blast that catches every mechanical mindfucker all in the same room at once!

Upcoming / analysis:

> 26.1-1.2 :: Transmediale, Berlin

> 6.2- 8.2 :: Sousveillance, Aarhus

Transmediale: Deep North – XLt analysis Part 1

The first Transmediale 09 talk we have been able to sit in on was “Re-Articulating The Scenarios Of Ecological Catastrophe” which had some meaty theoretical perspective assembled by the Slovenian art group ReArtikulacija ( journal issues 1-5 online). With papers/presentations from Marina Grzinic, Sebastjan Leban, Madina Tlostanova, Selik Seki Tatlic, and semiotician Walter Mignolo and additional skyped perspective from a Nigerian activist (whose name we will try to find shortly).

All pointing to the neo-liberal stranglehold we may all know too well, though some interesting language bits surfaced with which we might utilize for furthering ju-jitsu-esque analysis.

In a somewhat deja vu experience of last year’s Transmediale 08 -Conspire, we felt that those who are battling on the info-war (and intellectual) levels remind us of the digital/virtual migrations (and abstractions) … which Transmediale festival itself is so engaged and breeding. So we bounced our theme – Virtual Mass Migration/Relocation- off the panel and got some interesting response from Water Mignolo, who seemed to imply that reclaiming “ennunciation”- getting back in control of the content – might be the a priori act of any possible body-politic or re-imbodiments.

Also Madina T.’s phrase from a post-soviet lens: “De-colonizing the Mind” provided a sharp meme and pushed some triggers, since the new colonization of mind from an XLt view is the very 1st world re-colonialism that seems to manage the very apparatus by which 1st citizens -caught in the system -have become positioned on the wrong page. The very technique by which the 1st world can be made to stomach the devastation that is allowed to occur EVERYWHERE ELSE, commonly referred to as the 3rd world. (Note: we await Madina’s paper online for further examination, as it had some very precise and direct conclusions).

Well these are quik XLt sketches, so we’ll try to come back and elaborate on that theme, which no doubt will continue to be our primary leitmotiv as the artworld-meets-academics bubble continues to grapple with the dire global setting they attempt to confront thru the “Deep North” themes. We suspect little praxis will be arising, but lots of subversive notions might be playing out inbetween the lines at the Haus Der Kulturen global cafe… the more face-to-face connections on the periphery.

Upcoming highlights: Marko Peljhan (2nite), Lutz Dammbeck, Slum TV, Brian Holmes ( Flusser award?), Laboratory Planet..


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