Danubian trails, drinking virgin blood with a straw, heads above the trees, final? show in Wien

Well there’s already dozens of tales to tell from the XLt/Stencil Nation tour on the Danubian trails, but we are a bit pressed for time as we prepare for our show in Vienna.

> 22.01 Wien, AT - Zeitvertreib @ 7pm with SN vs. XLt after party (spec. guest Dieter Puntigam)

As soon as we landed in Austria we discovered once again the world is very very small. Our special guest for the Stencil Nation vs. Xlt show had visited us 3 years ago in San Francisco and is now using www.tagtool.org and it’s all six degrees in the art world. Our friends from Beta Test, who have been developing the code and “easily-constructed” hardware (together with Sonance + Basislager as well) had just brought the new live art device last month to Berlin. An integrated drawing box-platform which essentially opens the painter’s world to an improvisational performance, as if the jazz language ( among other musical themes) can now been fully extended to the digital/visual realm.

Of course live painting is hardly new. The first time we saw this kind of digital mixing tool between composers and visual artists was Bob Ostertag Canadian animator Pierre Hebert at San Franciso’s EM Festival), but there’s now becoming a myriad of possibilities to combine the playfulness of both mediums. Tonight we will actually experiment with merging the XLt cinematic deconstruction with the hand-drawn skills with the Stencil Nation ever-expanding foto archives (over 12,000 pics online).

[ Austrian painter Die.Puntigam ]

The last days have provided many juxtapositions with the beaming irrealities that protrude into our consciousness from mediated overloads, such as that historical moment of the 44th u.s. president inflated into a worldwide $150 million pilot episode of “change + hope”. A reference to Christopher Ketcham’s short direct hit piece : Inauguration Ad Nauseum. Oh joy, the smooth transition from surefire deadly arrogance into an all new god-bless-America channel bouncing its signal on the heads of every willing- and unwillingly-connected bio-electric sponge.

This all reminded us that we’ve been meaning to create an analysis piece on the ( Over-)Extended Mass Man from the angle of seeing the middle-aged church steeples evolve into 21c tele-vision towers, as we climbed the hill atop Bratislava to the Kamzic (above pic), to revisit the Soviet-era techworld, which still uploads a variety of ideologies, control patterns and scripts for daily being/society in a post-merger world. We’ll have to come back and explain.

+ AND Yes, virgin blood, not a mere attention-grabber, no no… the tales, the tales…


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