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Ahoj friends!

This is the first XLt newsletter for 09.
And while we don’t care much for the gregorian calendar, we’ll take this
opportunity to wish you all the needed strength + élan on yur inspired
paths and time travellings!

From our current angle, it’s looking like “09″ is the year to fully
upgrade to a more sustainable co-existence of desires, and perhaps that
means cutting out for new frontiers while holding dearly to all our
nourishing wells and passions! And if that means some very Tangible Acts
NOW, So Be It !

[ This is a very irregular posting. Please let us know at anytime if you'd
like off the ship. If you'd like to subscribe, look for the contact here to the right: podopolog basic info. ]

XLt news :

1. Stencil Nation vs XLt Tour (begins Jan.14 in Berlin)
2. No Less an Eye for Gaza !
3. On the Podopolog radar + musika + product

1. XLt on tour with Stencil Nation:

We are really excited we could jump on board and build a quik tour with
our good friend from the Stencil Nation project, which was recently
released in the US and is now here in the eurozone… It’s a fantastic longview scan of grafitti, art and
community mapped and compiled in a juicy book to hold in yer paws and fill
your imaginationwith fresh dripping semiotic-guerrilla colors + schemes.

08.01 Hamburg – Assoonas Galerie 8pm (Stencil Nation only)
14.01 Berlin – Neurotitan shop & gallery 9pm
14.01 Berlin – Eschschloraque @ 10pm after party (3 euro entrance)
16.01 Praha, CZ – Skolska28 @ 7:30pm with SN vs. XLt after party
18.01 Zilina, SK – Stanica @ 8pm with SN vs. XLt after party
22.01 Wien, AT - Zeitvertreib @ 7pm with SN vs. XLt after party (spec. guest Dieter Puntigam)

(Bratislava TBA)

14.1 The Berlin invite + kickoff party:

“Stencil Nation” Buchpräsentation und Dia Vortrag von Russell Howze //
book presentation and slide show by Russell Howze

January 14 um 21 Uhr im // 14th of January 2009 at 9 pm in
Neurotitan shop & gallery
Rosenthaler Str.39
10178 Berlin
its FREE!


Miss Vergnuegen presents
“A Night in the Streets”
im Eschschloraque
ab 22h
3 euro

A Stencil Nation tour kickoff/afterparty mit dj/vj Podinski (XL terrestrials)
“psychotronic* ostblok: the a/v mix”vs special guest vj HomeCut ( aus San Fran )
djs jri + miss V.

We’ll present a special “psychotronic ostblok* ” a/v mix, using street art visuals collected from over 11,000+ pics at stencilarchive. org and mixed with assorted films presented as part of XLt’s Transmigration of TheTelepresent series, most recently performed at 25c3 – Chaos Communications Congress in Berlin.

2. GAZA : the whole world is watching !
the War Machine has once again been unleashed, and the
Media spin is in full gear and the XLt radar is out for
the peoples calling:
truth : praxis : peace : analysis : intervention : action
No less an eye for Gaza, see our info + resources list at:

3. the Podopolog is now 2.5 years old and the arts and praxis plog is
gaining wicked speed as we are looking for more ways to intersect with
realtime + realspace + realintent. We are constructing new tour ideas and
devising product ideas to help make the whole operation more expandable,
tangible, sustainable, distributable, rhizomable.

And we’d like to find new collaborators this year, so if you like what
we’re up to, please get in touch. sorry we have still not re-enabled
comments, but gladly read all yur emails.

This last year we’ve been really happy to begin finding new musika world
partners to get involved in with from Piranha label projects, dj Shazam +
Nomad Sound System, a dj Filastine show, our 1st Kaffee Burger landing,
Mikro.FM, 24+25C3, a collaboration with Pergamon Museum/ Louvre/British
Museum ( yeah ok we didn’t exactly get to chew their ears off, but we got
to dive deep into the history of Iraq and Babylon for 3 months),, Lynch Merrill + Youssarian + multiple Media Decompression
collaborations, Cargo Kult, the Trickster verein, Alcalica ( playing again
all month in berlin ), dj Trecid, and the amazing folks at XminY and Zaal
100, Thomas Jelinek + Labfactory, KT and Press Play in Detroit, Erotic
Union, Schnapsloch, Fran Ilich, Pi and Beta Test, Soho, Sonance, Stefan +
Basislager, Dusanson +, New York @ Bethanien, Jihlava,
IDFA, Buchhandlung Cafe, Haus Scwarzenberg, Club der Polnische Versager,
and many many more we’ll have to list online when we can get our head around it.

Thank you all for your support and inspiring art worlds… and many more
musika worlds coming sooooooon !

And coming up on the podopolog radar:

Craig Baldwin + Othercinema in Berlin, Transmediale 09, Filastine,
Berlinale, and a ton of new music reviews from the Ostblok ( thx to our
friends at Pigasus ), the new Yes Men movie … etc.

ok, we goota run, hope to c ya soon !
like TODAY at Neurotitan/Eschschloraque !?




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