United Terror Exports Inc. ( + A Gaza Info and Resources List )

Whenever diplomacy and strategy in a conflict is determined by criminals you can easily predict more war and terror. Because their agenda is ultimately tied to an almost inescapable linearity of their previous and uncorrected actions, they have devised a tragic box of progressive errors for themselves and the people around them. Their actions are usually a very limited road map:

1. to save their own ass
2. attain more power (in order to save their own ass)
3. sow more chaos ( because it will distract the people around you from achieving peace and thus fully grasping the truths)
4. attain more power ( because once you have destroyed your own humanity, there is little logic or recourse to anything else).

Tanya Reinhard, a former colleague of Noam Chomsky and the late author of Road Map To Nowhere stated in a Znet interview ( posted at Tamil Nation):

Israel’s policies threaten not just the Palestinians but also the Israelis themselves. In the long run, this war over land is suicidal. A small Jewish state of 7 million residents (5.5 million Jews), surrounded by two hundred million Arabs, is making itself the enemy of the whole Muslim world. There is no guarantee that such a state can survive. Saving the Palestinians also means saving Israel.”

For the most part this seems a reasonable analysis, and an optimistic one, whereby the inhabitants of Israel are increasingly grasping the purpose of seeking real solutions…beyond their own political leaders/hijackers.

But it becomes apparent that Israel and Palestine have become just one hugely invested sandbox of terror for aggressions to play out endlessly. This hell is not merely the arena of these two waring factions, but peoples’ conflicts are being used like pawns in the larger global agendas conducted by even bigger criminal fish.

The fact that today the US abstained from a unanimous Security Council vote for a cease-fire was almost as if Condoleeza Rice herself was saying openly, “Wait, lets see if we can profit from the negotiations in Egypt and see what their plan for peace has to offer! Wait, maybe this war’s a good war that will redirect the hatred fomented around the Arab and Muslim world away from my own crimes.”

In other words, there are all sorts of global vultures, weapons dealers, other criminal heads of states and diplomacy-charading-fuckheads who have their own interests in these little “semi-containable” warzones… preferably where the enemy is entirely vulnerable and has no realistic means to defend itself. Also any citizen anywhere must also take into account that where one’s country is dominated by military elites there is little-to-no genuine concern for preventing the expansion of a conflict, because expansion is the objective of their business.

Welcome to United Terror Exports Inc. ! Guaranteed to make more terror!

Thus enabling Israelis and Palestinians to co-exist is now something on the shoulders of citizens around the world. To somehow undo the business of war that is occurring consistently elsewhere or anywhere is a problem that may be much closer than you think! The old crime detective’s pointer “Follow the money!” is usually on target.

A Gaza Info and Resources List

Please Note: The problems so briefly touched on above are immensely complex. A list here can only be a work-in-progress. If you have constructive links please feel free to send them to us, but since we cover such a wide variety of topics, we don’t expect that we can do much more than point you in directions that can inspire better ideas. Because our analysis generally stems from an arts + praxis, tactical media and ongoing research into the Military Entertainment Complex, we feel that boycott campaigns may be one of the most tactical responses for the general public to get involved in undoing the war machines.

Added: It is becoming more and more difficult to know how to act immediately to prevent the massacre that is already occurring. While analysis is crucial ( as the events unfurling have horrifying potential for the conflicts to spread rapidly beyond Gaza) it can do so little to help the people of Gaza NOW. We will continue to look for meaningful resources.

added: Middle East Children’s Alliance ( List)

added: Hamas in their own (undistorted) words ( Basim Naim, minister of health in Gaza, Guardian UK )

Boycott Info:

Naomi Klein’s Letter – Israel: Boycott, Divest, Sanction (Znet)
BDS Movement


added: Neve Gordon debates US former council Lanny Davis (i.e. the Aipac position) on Democracy Now

Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies ( Democracy Now)
Tariq Ali, From the Ashes of Gaza
Jonathan Cook, Outcry Over Israel’s War Crimes
Tanya Reinhart ( Interview at Znet )
David Rose, The Gaza Bombshell: Politics and Power


Peace. No War (List)

Jewish Voice For Peace
Free The Shministim ( Conscientious objectors)

Jan 6th, Yonotan Shapira, a former Israeli Air Force Captain calls out to Stop the Killing !

And only slightly related to Gaza, but a MUST SEE:

Submedia Tv’s The Stimulator is BACK !

and art + music heals, inspires, awakens:

added: State of Bengal’s new track for freedom in Palestine

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