25c3 analysis: While The Hackers Sleep, The Hive Mind Shines Victorious and The Future Looks Bright

25c3 : psychomedia analysis + multiple disorders

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” The whole conference has spent a lot of time talking about ways to
control uses of information and to protect peoples’ privacy after the
information was collected. But that only works if you assume a good
government. If we get one seriously bad government, they’ll have all
the information they need to make an efficient police state and make it
the last government. It’s more than convenient for them — in fact,
it’s a temptation for people who want to do that, to try to get into
power and do it. Because we are giving them the means. ”

Privacy, Technology, and the Open Society
John Gilmore
( co-founder of EFF.org in July 1990 )
from talk given at the First Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy
March 28, 1991
Public domain — not copyrighted

WARNING … life support malfunction …

XLt full report coming soon!

In the meantime, check out what’s happening in the 25c3 basement labs :

XLterrestrials vs Multiplace vs Ccc

full schedule here

WARNING … life support malfunction …

WikiLeaks vs. The World”

Too much information to make a quick stab at it all before the 2009 shift, so we will return in the next days to make a full article. But let’s say here that one of the most impressive moments of 25c3 was the “WikiLeaks vs. The World” presentation, which helped bring the technology sector back down to earth and back to highly engaged social responsibility.

They deserve your immediate attention and deep respex as a critical tool on the networld + infowar fronts, without any sort of the typical evangelical techie-hype that the revolution’s on its way as a plug-in, a new device or a hacker’s key.

They laid out a realistic hard scan assessment of the digital media precipice ( i.e. “Internet is the most censorable media.” ) , with a sharp focus for international solidarity as the key tool to change the world, and with clarity that the awareness +PLUS+ action needs full export capabilities, that is, not just pushing or cracking or securing information flows, but entering tactically into the Real.

We almost chilled on our critical take of the cyberhives, but the rant is yet to come…

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