G8, Good Nights* Are Elsewhere Or They Are Already Crushed Behind The Wheel… DISSENT! NETWORK’s INFO TOUR in Bay Area March 6 and 8

The G8 Dissent Info Tour is just one of a growing multiplicity of organizations mobilizing resistance against and alternatives to the hegemony of the world’s richest nations, which will meet for their infamous annual summit this June 6-8 in Heilegendamm, Germany near to Rostock.

For the basic info of where you can catch their events in the Bay Area – San Francisco, March 6 and Berkeley March 8th – read more at Indybay.org.

For an extensive overview of a whole hive of peoples and networks preparing for this historical convergence read this from Portland Indymedia.

And for the entire schedule of the G8 Dissent Network tour go here.


The complexity of issues regarding not only the G8’s own horrendous process of cattle-prodding the world into a vortex of economic and social dysfunction, but also the challenges involved in leading or inspiring the human species out of its current dismal labyrinth, and the colliding of the two is actually The One gargantuan Spectacle that is not to be missed ! But believe it or not the general public is more often than not completely left out of the Big Picture, and there are so many angles (for anyone with even an ounce of concern for tomorrows) to try and grasp and ACT in this monumental crossroads and/or collision course.

The efforts of the Dissent Network to expand perspective should be thoroughly engaging regardless of what level you are entering into the story ! There’s not enough time to attempt any meaningful analysis beforehand, but we’ll try and assess the impacts of their visit later this week.


Meanwhile, we came across this book last year, which had been published to precede the G8 summit in Scotland last year. This review might give you a small taste of how dire the situation is and how critical it remains to expose the atrocity producers. And while we continue to gather our thoughts for an XLT processing over the next days, this personalized synopsis might encourage the reader to go deeper into the frays:

“First off, we need not argue that these bulbous Hindenburg pilots are the interchangeable hot-head balloons of State with the brightest lack of ideas at least since Nero, plummeting in the most spectacular freefall at the end of an era to match all infamously flammable eras.

The real question is how the idiocy of the new dream machinery seems to be so magically drawn out by one grand ceremonious funeral after another without any forces from below other than (the peoples’ ?) gravity to effectively pre-empt their looped disasters.

And oh how these floated roman fiddlers with no earth beneath their feet have now become an insidious ensemble of last songs! Only “songs” here may represent an exhausted nostalgia for historical downfalls, think a muzak version that attracts flies!”

Podopolog Note:

* G8 Gute Nacht ( meaning: good night ) is one name used for this info tour and also the name of a camp site being set up a few kilometers from Heilegendamm. Just a brief intro to this subject which we can try to address later, but our title “Good Nights Are Elsewhere… Or Else They Are Already Crushed Behind The Wheel ” is an attempt to broach the subject of how much these staged epicenters of transnational/elite agendas vs. resistance from below act themselves as an organized distraction/theater well within the control mechanisms of power. Either way, a total theater constructed on the fault lines or an increasingly vulnerable meeting point of globalization figureheads and their lackey recruits, which house of cards is worth collapsing, which house of cards are we addressing ?!

An article in Fifth Estate by JACK BRATICH – “Becoming Seattle: The State of Activism and (Re)Activity of the State” gets into some fascinating territory along these lines. Unfortunately its not one of the articles online.

To grab a quintessential nugget:

“The State needs chaos in order to impose its own solutions (no matter how ultimately successful or not these solutions are). To put it simply, the State is reactive, even proactively reactive to the self-organizing potentials it detects.

… Gone is the image of the State as totality with cracks; instead, we see a tactical expansion of crises, the experimental distribution of perturbations. ”

To try to sum up for our purposes here: It could be argued that these summit confrontations are primarily occurring in a lab room of The State(s) so to speak, ( especially in terms of the virtual media spectrum where the mass illusions so often get shaped), whereas any organized response, any spontaneity, any surprise actions might all achieve greater potentiality and tangeability ELSEWHERE.

As an obscure and seemingly ancient tangent, but consider for a moment: were the sexual revolution and consciousness explorations in the 60s becoming a strategy to initiate the people’s own “chaos” laboratory?? To set social agendas outside the box?? Too huge a question for this article to make any conclusions, but just to consider what forms are truly threatening to the system and on which playing fields one finds oneself, and a check on what desires have real traction in terms of critical mass and long hauls and real life.

And not enough time to dive into all that sufficiently, but here is an anecdote to keep you on your strategic toes (and this is not meant any disrespect to the beautiful people who dedicate their skills year after year to sustainability and nuclear issues represented in Castor, Germany every November … and to note, Germany has perhaps the most advanced political conciousness/will regarding nuclear energy exits than any other nation ) …

So last year, we spoke with people in Germany involved in the anti-nuclear actions surrounding the transport of nuclear waste, and it came into question whether the actual DATE of the supposed transport of radioactive materials was real or fictitious… After all it is a government’s most honed skill to tell lies… why on earth should anyone take for granted that the Castor scenario has any reality whatsoever??!

Now in either case, a theater of action need not be useless, but it is entirely relevant to assess the true games and the true stakes and especially when one might be led into “the woods of no consequence”.

And in a hardly final analysis, we might consider that this particular kind of mass actions only serve the radicalization and energizing of social change when we experience a reinforcing enjoyment, that is, we are inspired to return to the challenges that are continuous and we have plotted out a few immediate and entirely possible victories.

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