loads of more amazing random winter blurbs …

The 25th Chaos Communications Congress starts on the 27th right here in B-mitte, Alcalica ( just returned from a long hiatus in Greece) play with dj Shazam in the revamped Monkey/Hotel Bar, now called Mama Berlin ( new owners ) on Xmas Day (TODAY), Stencil Nation with vj/dj Podinski on the Danube tour trail in January … And if you’re in San Francisco : EFF is having their 18th Birthday with dj Spooky, Butthole Surfers with Negativeland at the Fillmore for New Year’s Eve, and, if you are one of those strange bi-continental hybrids like us you’ll be especially *orgonzoed* to hear that Craig Baldwin and ATA’s OTherCinema are coming to Berlin in February… and oh so much uncanny news to tell, stay tune for updates.

+ 2nite in Mama Berlin:

Alcalica (above) with dj Shazam … and maybe vj Podinski in Mama Berlin

hohoho, no joke!

[ OtherCinema's latest Mock Up On MU ]


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