the noodle stretch

Just hyperspaced from one end to the other, in the galaxy spectrum of activism, from Ecotopia – the annual eco-active euro gathering- to – a Bratislava media lab in autonomous e-summer academy mode. From the rural retreat of Zajezova , the homebase of eco-conscious workshops amidst a tiny network/collective of sustainable farmers in the hills of southern Slovakia to the buzzing tech-tronic geekdom built upon the post-modern ruins of a cluster of semi-empty buildings, just behind a mega-shopping complex on the outskirts of this capital cityscape.


I am now basking in the glow of a “Pure Data” workshop ( “PD is a modular system with open structure, which by reduction of image and sound down to data (numbers) provides an astonishing range of possibilities of processing, combination and generation of output.” ) A lab room with noodles of cable stretched in all directions on the floor is an environment in absolute contrast to this morning’s departure on the lumpy dirt road, where we “collided” head-on with a flock of sheep, which demanded that We back up the hill onto a turnoff in order that this one-way herd could forge ahead to the next meadow.

one-way sheeep

Feeling a bit ruffled and rumpled from less than a week of tent-life, ( yes i’m a nature Wuss ) I was about to sing about this return to civilization, but the realization that this yin-yang of dew-soaked green forest-to-fields and the bright white light of binary brain projections is a full circle tour of today’s terrestrial granaries. Neither is fully functioning without its counterpart. Though one is clearly more like a blind and hobbling amputee without the other… guess which one!

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