the Really Really + Sorta Free Access ( the Free Wlan Cafe List )

Our Really Really + Sorta Free Access Pages ( see page 05 :: Free Access ) are yet another time-consuming and underpaid and never-ending XLt project that we do purely for the love of our readers : ) … well NO not you 2nd coming of the Stasi-Fucks and Spambags, but all YOU arts + praxis peeps + misc. readers looking for clues on yur path. Yep, This one’s for YOU ! XoX

XLt begins with “mapping” free WLAN/WIFI spots in a variety of cities. Those nourishing nodes where we set up our offices, insurrection laboratories, and social playgrounds… and drop some small change in Xchange for all those hot Javas and teas, and the occasional tasty treats. And at some pt. we’ll have to do something like highlight those local businesses who are serving fair-trade.

We actually started this project for a few reasons. One we thought that places like Hans Wurst above are really creative spaces. And BTW, this super cozy Vegan cafe is having a party 2nite… and this flyer was just toooo good not to post on the Podopolog.

And 2nd, this is just one of our ideas for the upcoming 21c Pirate Map and Scenic Escape Routes pamphlet ( for 25c3 and Xmas release ) !

And 3rd, we are constantly trying to find new and old, high and lo-tech art forms that are not merely analytical/theory/psychomedia overdose, but are “easy”, pragmatic and serve our immediate needs… and immediate gratification…

[ Now we could start to get a little skeptical about advising you all to go and pollute those few remaining social spaces with your digital + laptop, plastic and batteried, junkiedom, but hey we know that many of you need these resources for your good work, and especially when one's on the road... knowing where you can plug in your Bio-Port, as we (and the Zulahs) often call them, is critical. ]

So JACK IN comrades… and be sure to smile and flirt with your neighbors often… and support your local business community! Many of whom are daily heroic public servants doing their part to resist the Corporate WAsteLands.

Coming soon: Prague, San Fran, Amsterdam, Bratislava, Copenhagen … and ??…

The Free Wired Cafe Hit-List + Nodes ( please feel free to add to the list, write to pod (at) xlterrestrials (dot) org and we’ll plug yur site or whatever it is u do. Many Thx to Dusanson Crusoe from who started sending info for eastern europa nodes and giving us tips for making a more high-tech map with actual geographical coordinates… hmm, any volunteers ??! )

First Up – Berlin, listed by neighborhoods. Links (+ tips + reviews) coming soon !

Hans Wurst
Al Hamra
Ms Volkerfreundschaft

Gorki Park
Strandbad Mitte
St. Oberholtz


La Mano

And until we can put up more linked information and XLt recommendations, has a 14 PAGE pdf list for berlin spots, and linked maps, and 14 OTHER cities in DE.

In memory of Kirsten Brydum

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