The Bureau of Public Secrets with an upgraded english version of “The Society Of The Spectacle” screened at ATA, and what about S.O.S. 2.0 you ask??


“The only interesting venture is the liberation of everyday life, not only
in a historical perspective, but for us, right now. This project implies the
withering away of all the alienated forms of communication. The cinema, too, must be destroyed.” G. Debord

The Society of the Spectacle is neither an ivory tower “philosophical” discourse nor a helplessly impulsive “protest,” but a ruthlessly lucid examination of the most fundamental tendencies and contradictions of the society we live in. This means that it needs to be reread (and reseen) many times, but it also means that it remains as pertinent as ever while countless radical and intellectual fads have come and gone. As Debord noted in his later Comments on the Society of the Spectacle (1988), in the intervening decades the spectacle has become more all-pervading than ever, to the point of repressing virtually any awareness of pre-spectacle history or anti-spectacle possibilities: “Spectacular domination has succeeded in raising an entire generation molded to its laws.”

From The Bureau Of Public Secrets

Most Debord films are downloadable from the fantastic Ubu Web resource, but be sure to get ahold of this newly translated/upgraded version with narration from Dore Bowen, translation by Ken Knabb, and quality rendering to DVD by Konrad Steiner and Hugo Ball Room Labs, see BPS site above. And thanks to ATA and Irina Leimbacher, a former programmer for SF Cinemateque now doing regular screenings at ATA ( check the calendar) under the banner of Kino21, for bringing it the packed audience on Valencia Street.

While XL Terrestrials’ own “Transmigration Of Cinema” production prepares its pacific coast tour to begin March 15th, this screening of SOS has reinforced the perspective that The Spectacle has entered a new atrocities-complexity and paralyzing new climate. And the theories+praxis are long overdue for a 2.0 engagement ( i.e. upgraded for New Media + Internet Spectacle anlaysis/d$tournement ! )

* podopolog Note : Some might say that SOS v.2 has Already been made…film-wise anyway. See Spectres of the Spectrum… or even portions of the NEW OtherCinema 07 Calendar which surely qualify in terms of a screened resistance. But of course it’s an ongoing  and multi-layered project , requiring several versions and a variety of mediums, and if your reading this, you might find that you have already been cast in something NOT resembling a sequel, but ACTING as one.

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