Viral Video Olympics at Station 40 spans the short attentions in a media-seppuku orgy


Last night Station 40 hosted a Viral Video Olympics night, which was like a couch potato’s media seppuku ritual. A scene which could have been a gorey cubicle outtake from the 9-5 lunch break with fellow wage-slaves unable to unplug their online umbilical/existenz cords. But this cozy public living room of the old Mission District former post office, a gathered community armed with spontaneous pirate flagging and street-art scalpel smarts, and the panel of expertly odd judges transformed it into a den of hilarious DIY media a few notches past over-indulged, like the amp turned to 11.

We’re trying to compile the urls, but for now a few highlights and “the winners” according to the olympic media train-wreck:

1. Granny and the airbag

(as we said the judges were odd, and unless you’re in a room full of people already rolling in the aisles, well this just isn’t That funny out of the context of a Viral Olympic experiment )

2. Chingo Bling

( Pure genius! thx fran ! and yes there’s a series of Chingo Blings for those who wanted More !! )

4. Graffitti reasearch labs

( The clip itself is mediocre, but the radical communication possibilities will stir a few potentiality and subversive context dreams )

We’re still looking for #3 , btw everyone was getting too drunk to remember/tabulate all the urls… much less keep track of all the categories, but who really cares after you’ve just thoroughly butchered your standard channel spectrum.

Ah ok, here’s #

3. Doll Face

And If yur still hungry, as in, you could still use a thin wafer mint and still more stranger online media, stay tune, we’ll see if we can gather up some other links to the more disturbing, edgy and more limited popular appeal clips. SEE BELOW.
And in case you wanted to try this at home … after all why the F8ck give another dime to another hollywood ogre ever again… YES try this dangerous experiment at home, well not “home” , but a public space you can call home! Whatever u do, don’t do this ALONE, as that could be considered the standard spectacle vacuum that is meant to eliminate your community identity. Here were the parameters :

Wednesday Feb. 21, 9pm:
Who will win the gold medal for best viral video at the inaugural
VIRAL VIDEO OLYMPICS?Are you ready for competitive YouTubing?Horrible Dancing, Freaky beasts, & Eye-Popping Explosions—those are
only a few of the spectacles you can expect to behold at the first
ever Viral Video Olympics (AKA YouTube night) at Station 40. However,
if you think dancing, freaks and explosions are stupid, than YOU
should come and show something cooler, funnier, more disturbing, or
krazier! On, Wednesday, Feb. 21, audience members will be asked to
show their favorite viral video clips and be judged by our
distinguished panel of expert judges. So memorize the keywords/URLs of
your most infectious viral videos and join the unpredictable action.
Refreshments and Popcorn served!FREE EVENTRules:
- 1 video allowed per person (depending on size of audience)
- Must be 5 minutes or less and contestant must know the exact URL or
keyword that will immediately call it up on YouTube or any other
internet video website.
- All contestants must arrive at 9pm or earlier to sign up in the
following categories:
1. Music Videos and Ridiculous Dancing
2. Mistakes, Crashes, Bloopers, Etc.
3. Animal Antics
4. Fascinating and Educational/Political
5. Artistic/Random
- The judges will choose a winning video for each category and one
gold medal will be awarded for the whole night
- Shocking, Destructive, and Gross videos are ok but leave ALL hate
videos at the door. No homophobic, sexist, racist, or oppressive
material allowed.

MORE viral videos!
heerrr ya go…Doll Face – the Book – Milk –

oh and don’t forget Charlie and the Unicorn from Cow Films:
And here’s a keyword search from Hunter, which should be a thorough time sucking excercise, but just in case yur still not satiated:

All I wrote down were a few words about each so I'd remember it in the end.
Here goes:

car chase
hard gay
graffiti lazer
German/American Idol
Pelican eating pigeon
Chad Vader
Online piracy
Lil' Supestar
that terrible America video and remix
Granny airbag
Chingo Bling
Aquateen terrorism
Family Guy Osama
Human face
Plane crash
Dad tormenting kid
tokyo plastic

Then I stopped writing it all down.

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