Shocking New Evidence : “The al-Zaidi Zapruder Film – Was There A 2nd Shoeman?”

XLt psychomedia analysts have an exclusive report not yet released to major media. We are about to reveal a film not yet shown on CNN, Al Jazeera, Youtube, Al-Baghdadiya TV, BBC, Comedy Central and other ma$$ media sources. It shows the recent shoe attack on President Bush in Baghdad during a press conference with the Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki from another angle.

Claimed by most sources to be the act of one man, Muntadar al-Zaidi, the question now arises: Was there another shoeman? Some other players… from the grassy knoll ??!

The al-Zaidi Zapruder Film: Take Two:

Please note, that an entirely different view on the subject of the shoe episode is below in the previous podopolog entry. We highly recommend reading BOTH, and then come to your own conclusions.

“I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the eye.”

Comment from an anonymous Guardian UK reader after viewing the Bush family’s annual Christmas video “First Dog Barney’s Final White House Christmas”

Watching “the shoe attack” numerous times, one cannot help but notice an incredible calm in the room. One might be able to attribute George Bush’s un-intimidated response to his CIA-’Family’-enhanced cockiness and his probable ignorance that a majority of the Middle East, if not the entire world’s population, would probably like to see him dead. On the other hand, al-Maliki must certainly know that there’s almost no one in Baghdad with a double-digit IQ who would possibly trust his US-installed prime minister-ship and that any Iraqi allowed into a press room must be fully searched. And nevertheless someone who has broken rank, and in “a fit of rage”, who began throwing UNIDENTIFIED OBJECTS in your direction, would undoubtedly cause you to flinch. And it seems highly unlikely that you would stick out your hand to block A POSSIBLE WEAPON, and certainly not without first shielding yourself.

Well, unless both al-Maliki and Bush already know the scenario about to transpire.

And sure enough, beyond this staging theory, watching the global media web in action this week, is a bit like watching the annual Bush family Christmas video. An entirely nauseating and gruesomely staged irreality. An ongoing mind’s eye-gouge! ( warning, spare yourselves! video NOT linked. )

The BIG NEWS which remains absent or off on the far back pages is what should make anyone still awake just a bit suspicious of what dominates the corporate newsrooms. And also notice how easily the left media will take the bait. Oh and what a great and timely distraction to have the drama of an irate shoe hurler.

In case you missed it, the real news concerning Iraq this week is that Donald Rumsfeld and perhaps even his own chain of command up to Cheney and Bush are becoming increasingly vulnerable to war crimes prosecution, after a senate hearing has ruled that the policies of torture are Not a few bad apples, but executed orders under their watch.

Secondly, Britain is bailing out of the sinking ship. The ongoing colonization/occupation plans are a little too much to stomach, and as both the general european citizenry AND the politicos become far more informed than its US counterpart, it is clear that domestic pressures would become too much to allow the current Brown administration to continue such atrocities for another 1,2,3,X# years.

And certainly there are other critically important stories being obscured here: from the ongoing seismic- economy shifts and the unparalleled heists taking place at the upper echelons as the “free market” facades crumble, Obama’s ongoing neo-liberal puppet appointments, to effective insurrections like what is happening in Greece, to the smaller but hugely significant successes of the Chicago workers occupation of the Republic Windows and Doors factory in Illinois, etc. etc.

Too much for one entry, but important to note here that XLt analysts are not all in agreement regarding the above spin theory, and it IS entirely contradictory to the posting below re: our first report on the shoe incident. And it IS impossible to yet judge whether or not Muntadar is an actor in such a media ploy. Even IF the wild theory above is correct, Muntadar would not necessarily know at all or to the full extent his role in this implanted news script, and he may indeed be acting sincerely on behalf of his people. In fact, these sort of things would be best cast without your star player entirely in-the-know. And in any case he may in fact still be in severe danger !

So without any firm conclusions here, any more than we can conclude with any certainty details regarding something as complex as the acts of say a 9/11, we really felt compelled to raise this OTHER ANGLE in order to analyze the media and our responses to it and to world and local events.

As an ongoing theme in the Xlt analysis, our political engagements via the mediated channels tends to become increasingly virtualized, ineffectual … and subject to an elaborate mass media puppetry. Just one example being the Facebook phenomenon, which makes for an incredible NET ( for the state) to monitor public sentiments and identify any real threats and fanatical or radical behaviors therein.

What it would be hard-pressed to argue is whether it actually brings about any tangible movement towards weakening or overcoming our oppressors, and strengthening our local community manifestations. Thus we must remain wary with every step into the mysterious and increasingly unwholesome WEB.


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