The Muntadar al-Zaidi 2-Shoe Salute! + Updates

A Size 10 Farewell for Bush in Iraq

This will undoubtedly become the most watched video on the internet in the Middle East and around the world today. Muntadar al-Zaidi, a brave Iraqi journalist waves farewell to the Dog-Bush empire, forever stained with its contract blood for oil, by throwing his shoes. More than 1 million Iraqis murdered and a global press is still printing the laughable daily press releases for the military-hinged markets and those hopelessly lost fantasies for ticker-tape-streaming parades and business-as-usual.

And perhaps we will remember the 2-Shoe Salute, not just as Youtube comedy relief as the curtain falls on Puppet#43 ( coincidentally this # is also Muntadar’s european shoe size), but the Standard Operating Procedure for greeting all those corporate journalists, who still wield their sorry keyboards in service to the idiots and the butchers on stage. Your packing is well up next! A true journalist has just shown you the real act of informing the public no longer needs text, but a spine!

Note: At the moment we cannot be sure of the correct spelling of this journalist’s name. So far we know he works for Al-Baghdadiya Television, and have seen Muntadar al-Zeidi posted by the english Al Jazeera and Montather Al-Zaidi by a number of blogs and other news agencies… the name Muthathar we found originally from the Huffington Post. We’ll correct our title again if needed as soon as we can get some confirmation. And there is already petitions to have him released under Muntathar here and this one by Iraqi Writers For Freedom.

XLt update: Democracy Now reports the complete text of what Muntadar al-Zaidi, screamed in Arabic as he threw his shoes at Bush, “This is a farewell kiss, you dog! This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq!”

DN also reports: Security guards removed him from the room while reportedly kicking and beating him. He is still being held by Iraqi officials. Al-Baghdadia TV has called for al-Zaidi’s release.

More updates from Patrick Cockburn for Independent UK ( 16.12 ), who adds yet another spelling – Muntazer al-Zaidi – and provides brief quotes/perspectives from various media sources.

( Sadr City in Baghdad, Iraq, Monday. Dec. 15, 2008 )

Join the Shoe Brigades!

There’s a number of initiatives to keep the momentum up in order to make this one small but ingenious, genuine and heroic act a pivotal moment in bringing peace and justice to the Iraqi people and halting any further atrocities and abuse under this illegal occupation!

And many groups have also formed to bring about the freedom of Muntadar al-Zaidi and are obviously concerned for his immediate safety.

While XLt does not normally encourage Facebook participation ( for reasons we will not go into here), this FB group “I am a fan of the great hero who hit Bush with his shoes in Baghdad” has been formed by a number of arabic professors in Baghdad, UAE, and beyond. And thus far with over 40,000 members is one of the best places of information and tactical directions we have found.

While many might say, ” But the shoes did not HIT Bush”, he and his administration will indeed continue to be pelted by a barrage of impacts triggered by this one most honorable and symbolic act of desperation and self-defense, against an enemy that throws bombs, tortures, rapes and continues fueling a (white-)supremacist and corporate-capitalist violence… all as tools in its profit-making agenda.

None of the journalist and human rights organizations have said any word yet on al-Zaidi’s behalf, and the site encourages writing to a variety of organizations to step up to the situation and demand his release.

And we’d like to add perhaps another tactical angle:

Why not encourage some heavyweights of media to demand an interview with al-Zaidi ??! … the Larry Kings, Oprahs, Colberts, Stewarts, Moyers, the Amy Goodmans. And/Or those with the power of Hollywood behind them: Oliver Stone, Sean Penn, Moore, Errol Morris, Clooney, Cohen Bros.?? etc. And of course other international media outlets and personalities should be considered, but since the jails are most likely controlled by US Military, US media could probably put the most pressure for access. All who hold that not-so-mysterious key of the Mass Media could very likely open up that door.

It’s a most compelling story: “Why did al-Zaidi throw his shoes?” Yes, we’ve heard the couple sentences screamed, but lets give this remarkable journalist some real airtime!

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