invite >> STraiGHt frOm tHe he@rT >> FEB. 16 at Station 40


dearest xtra-passionate terrestrials,

In case you haven’t had enough of giving all that Hallmark sentimentality and consumer mentality a good thrashing, Station 40, one of the hottest catalyst collective spaces in SF, has been planning V-day and XYZ-day festivities – as in, THE REVOLUTION AND THE EROTIC OF EVERYDAY LIFE – now set for FEB 16>>

at Station 40
3030b 16th street (at Mission )
FEB 16, 9pm – LATE
w/dj Podski , Zulah and Many More
by donation

And YOUR ASs and all Yur tribes’ AsSes are invited ! No we don’t mean the Network site, we mean yur soft + fleshy bad ASs selves and your friends, but if u must, sure, post a few more tribing “dorks” (affectionately, sorta, and poking fun at ourselves of course)… see “Tribe” defined below if yur confused. So yes Please fwd this info, but not randomly.


Ok, if you would like to be fully inducted into further secret meetings
and customs of the XL Terrestrials read more:

This is An EVENT performing a number of secret and not-so-secret
(and even some aquarian) rituals :
1. pinatas
2. bad ass balkanizer beats
3. cake
4. oddfellow-esque hand + booty shakin
which may get you 1 0r 2 of the Pods’ limited edition XL Terrestrial Podopolog premix CDs:

i.e: The Voice of Roma – Hederljezi 2006 mix or The BlackCat Balkanizer Beats 2007 ( with ripping covers from our compas at and Station 40 and Pigasus !! )


YES, while supplies last, you may receive one or more of these
highly-prized Liquid Polycarbonate – plastic disc – devices , yes hard to
believe, but they have been known to make ppl smile upon repeated use…

[Note: this is not an endorsement of plastic and/or machine-replicatable pleasures, but then again it's almost entirely Yur business what gets u off... so long as it's victimless right !?? plastic? victimless?? oh that's a complicated one , too complex for this email, next topic.... ]


SO What’s the Barter aspect??!

Pick one or more:

1. Bring us the music that has most inspired you so far this year, and
we’ll trade ya .

2. Go to:

Then enter a comment at the “Straight FRom The He@rt” post, describing a fictional and anonymous and sci-fi arts+activist TALE that might engage your X-character’s immediate desire for the revolution of everyday life. You might be able to read a couple examples already posted at the site, or completely deviate into your very own personal and/or collective fetishes for free speech, social justice, erotic revolutions, post-war scenarios, cooperative and hacker semi-permanent autonomous zones, etc etc. … As long or short as you like.

3.Link your own site(s) to us and/or reveal to us yur best net tips for
getting better search-indexed and getting wider exposure.

4. Come to the event and hand us a hand-written letter about passionate insurrection + music or your story for # 1. For possible future (online) exhibition. Again as long or short as you like.


OK, Feb. 16 is merely a LAUNCH date for this project. You may have until MARCH 1st to complete any barter task. Supplies and finances and time are always limited, so anything received After Feb 16, will be considered as barter material if you are one of the first 10 to arouse our suspicion that you may in fact already be an XL Terrestrial member.


Love and arrows,

Pod p


Some backround:

For nearly one year now, We have been attempting to upgrade the XL
Terrestrial Organism by providing the latest tactics and information
about arts + activism + praxis at our site hosted by

And we need help spreading the tactical memes… and spreading the word that we will soon be touring ( next up: the pacific coast ) with our media + virtual deconstruction program called THE TRANSMIGRATION OF CINEMA.


a podopolog footnote:

tribe (trīb) pronunciation

1. A unit of sociopolitical organization consisting of a number of
families, clans, or other groups who share a common ancestry and
culture and among whom leadership is typically neither formalized nor
2. A political, ethnic, or ancestral division of ancient states and
cultures, especially:
1. Any of the three divisions of the ancient Romans, namely, the
Latin, Sabine, and Etruscan.
2. Any of the 12 divisions of ancient Israel.
3. A phyle of ancient Greece.
3. A group of people sharing an occupation, interest, or habit: a tribe
of graduate students.
4. Informal. A large family.
5. Biology. A taxonomic category placed between a subfamily and a genus
or between a suborder and a family and usually containing several

[Middle English, from Old French tribu, from Latin tribus, division of the
Roman people, perhaps of Etruscan origin or possibly from tri-, three.]


6. , A virtual social networking site, slightly less threatening
in terms of corporate, consumer, and military data flows than say and Total Information Awareness programs.
6a. Both a promising social and comunications tool in times of peace, and a
panopticon of unknown proportions in wartime.

XL Terrestrials:
email: podp (at) xlterrestrials (dot) org
snail: XLT
3030-B 16th street
San Francisco CA, 94103


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