Chris Carlsson’s ( Xxxtra special Valentine’s ) LAND GRAB session at Counterpulse Tonight


Grab your sweetheart(s) and take em down to where the Insurrection Landscaping gets HOT!!

February 14: Land Grabs

San Francisco’s entire history is based on land grabs, within its own borders and far beyond. Sketching this history to the present, we will also look at counter-efforts to grab land and to create open and cooperative spaces in an ever more commercially tyrannized society. (Chris Carlsson, Erick Lyle, James Tracy)

At CounterPulse TONIGHT !

AND HEY and he’s organizing another bike tour on somewhat similar topic for the weekend:
“… then on Sunday, I’ll be conducting a 4-hour tour on the topic of “Dissent”… meet at 12 at CounterPULSE and bring water and snack, be ready for rain (hard rain cancels, occasional drizzle won’t stop us…).. hope to see you at one or both… and don’t forget, our Talks are on KUSF 90.3 FM on Thursday nights at 10:30…
–Chris ”

Last tour we rode was a history of SF’s sex industry… and it was brilliant !

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