Don’t Be Evil. Welcome to Guinea Pigdom 2.0 !


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Don’t Be Evil.

at Volksbühne

( or Welcome to Guinea Pigdom 2.0 !? )


The tech-lash ( as in backlash ) is here !

If you’re reading the XLT Kiez Notes already, you probably have a pretty good sense of how far down the rabbit hole we’ve gone !

But maybe, like us, what you need is a good kick in the eye … the black mirror* as a live staged 2.5-hour scream ! …

Kay Voges & Ensemble’s new work Don’t Be Evil at Volksbühne takes no prisoners…  Whatever remaining technotopian cyber-age day-job-dreams you might still be harboring will be expunged.

This is a full dose of the technotopian dark sides only ! No haggling or wrangling about the good sides of: tech-hippies, counter-cult to cyber-cult, the hackers, the cypherpunks… what was supposed to be … and what could be done now ! This is a big picture critical sweep of what the incorporated cyber-life has currently wrought to culture, society and the mind.

It could be the perfect inoculation from all the sleazy promises of the “4th industrial revolution” yet to come. Because after this you will be unable to deny that the weapon-ization of a world wide communications wank ( both at the corporate and consumer /user ends ) is mostly irredeemable. Situations and context are everything; There is little-to-no chance of mere technological fixes to this manufactured idiotic+interlinked cesspool. Well, that’s the diagnosis here. We can debate that, but let’s talk AFTER you get the much deserved kick in the techno-groin.

Only the theater worlds – with Brechtian hammers in their holsters, and their feet+heads still firmly in the so-called “meatspace”- could one so thoroughly make such a harrowing + grisly, freakshow sausage fest of all our cubicled festering half-lives … all watched over by the machines of sucking disgrace.

GO SEE IT ! It may be the antidote you’ve been Duck Duck Going but it never really comes. Nothing wholesome to be found nor lived in those echo chambers of the bottom-feeding + ghosting matrix.

At the alive-n-well and in-the-flesh and very Berliner punk attitude Volksbühne ! BRAVO !

analysis to be cont.

In the meantime this article in the New Yorker by Andrew Marantz is a good companion text to Dont Be Evil:

The Dark Side of Techno-Utopianism

*Note: Not to mention the craziest + most cynical + industrial cover of Nico + Velvet’s ” I’ll be your mirror ” you’ll ever hear ! Hats off to the actress+chorus ( names not yet found ) + Paul Wallfisch’s musik.


Don’t Be Evil begins with up-close giant flat screen video of the performers faces… yawning… acted yawning and the act of yawning.

The stage then opens up beyond the screen, and we begin with a character inside a container-like box, a new depth, dimension, a live character, it is Brecht… and his lines are from The Radio as an Apparatus of Communication, an essay written in 1932.

This sets the stage for examining our current digital habitat.

Some resources for the media theory backround with which Kay Voges ensemble will begin to dissect the Cybernetic-apparatus and its monstrously unfolding dilemmas:

Bertolt Brecht and The Theory Of Media by Roswitha Meuller

AS you read these historical texts on media… you will realize that Brecht may have been one of the first to realize that it was essential to have an apparatus + network for 2-way communications…

Sounds logical and common sense now… especially in light of the horrific dictatorships of the 20th century, who used mass media for their power.

But the internet provides that now… we have p2p technologies… and yet still the systems are failing us !

Not only because of the corporates and the dotcons, but because our whole society runs on another non-commons, non-open system, enclosures. And implementing merely a technological infrastructure to bring about the change is NOT going to fix or hack or disrupt that !

Non-victimizing democratic process, the commons, and a collectively organizing society must come from below, from the communities constructing an entire cultural + local eco-system themselves. It’s a mind-body-place-populus-techne transformation.

Without that, a technological revolution was never going to provide anything but power struggles and inequalities and victimization … and a whole lot of demented shit !

to be cont.

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