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< Sept. 20 > Climate Strike ! – Everywhere – Planet-wide

See: www.Klima-Streik.org


A Critical ( Mass ) Climate ride has been added in Berlin, meeting at 2oh at Mariannenplatz

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< Sept. 26- 29 > Tu Mal Wat ( Do Something ! ) – see full program on the blog – Berlin

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At the Chaos Camp there were a good number of climate activists + orgs representing … One discussion there pertaining to this strike… there was perhaps a need to point out that a -1- day strike, is not exactly a strike… and presents no real threat or leverage to the ruling powers… as in the traditional forms of a labor strike, in which stopping work does actual damage – daily – to the owners ( class ), and thus they are forced into negotiating.

Here the climate “strike” plans are somewhat useful for building a wider movement…  showing our strength as a growing international network, but requires more strategic moves and investment to have necessary impacts on political players AND corporate actors responsible for the most damages to our planet.

Of course there are innumerable organizations now mobilizing, and it is hard to keep track of it all… If we have time, we will try to list more local things to plug into.

Stay tune…

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