XLt Autumn Radar v.1 : Btropolis Still Shining Bright in These Ever-Grimmer Times !


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< 9.9 > Iuventa Captain Pia Klemp ( Seawatch ) Book presentation hosted by Weltkugel at Morgenrot Cafe, 20h

< 10.9 > Iuventa Captain Pia Klemp ( Seawatch ) Book presentation at K-Fetisch, 20h

< 13.9 > „Das ist Netzpolitik!“ – Die Konferenz, Volksbühne ( come prepared to debate the technotopian nerd stew )

< 20.9 > Global Strike #AllefürsKlima #fridaysforfuture

< 21.912.10 > Open Scores: How To Program The Commons - curated by Felix Stalder, Shusha Niederberger, Cornelia Sollfrank – vernissage, workshops, discussions, screenings - at Panke

<Aug 30-Sept.15 > Making Futures, Haus Der Statistik

< Sept.12 > 30 Jahre Samtene Revolution, vernissage at Czech Zentrum

< Sept 13 > Tito on Ice screening ( part of the Stripburger exhibition ) at Neurotitan

< Sept.13 – 16 > Disco Babel Sommerspäatfest ( see ZirkusMond for details )

< Sept 17 > This is How we Survive: Revolutionary Mothering , War and Exile in the 21st Century – Mai’a Williams at Oya Cafe in Kreuzberg, 19h

< Sept.21 + 22 > Citizens of Evidence, Disruption Network Lab ( v.17 ) at Kunstquartier Bethanien

More coming… Extinction Rebellion, Fridays For Future, Tu Mal Wat…

To be cont.


the jaw-dropping news caps from Hell …

Whoa, the high seas of change in a world of grim + dim prospects: MIT Media Lab is in an all-male freefall of dirty money grubbed un-apologies, Joi Ito resigns and Lessig chases after him with a public swoon letter / Bahama residents w/o passports left to swim last-minute at the airport ( and harbor ) as the Dorian filter-bureaucrats unveil their techno-fascist tendencies / Ringo Starr, who lives in LA, champions the Brexiteer Dim-ocracy / Hong Kong protestors wield pictures of Trump + Tanks + Stars + Stripes asking for help / Jonathan Franzen – American illiterati – bravely picks strawberries in Santa Cruz to fight climate apocalypse ….

and last but not least…

Wikileaks supporters are all googly-eyed + jerking off for Pamela Anderson cause she goes anarcho-marxist-millionaire-celebrity wild in the TV wrestling ring… giving verbal nuggies to Meghan McCain on morning talk shows … a truly stalwart + self-sacrificing maneuver in these tough times !

Luckily for us on the Btropolis Island, we are mostly staying above the rising stew of hypernormalized newsstink !

It’s been said before, but the Onion cannot even compete with this shit … but it’s still fuckin hilarious…


KIEZ NOTES – Part 2 – :

Hey speaking of all that Epstein-meets-MIT fundraising Fallout… Did you know that Joi Ito was at Chaos Congress at least 3 times, and gave one of the most laughable keynote talks ever … at 23c3… on World of Warcraft…

Its not as if… in the midst of an unfolding war on terror, patriot act(s), and the silicon+digital cult headed at full speed toward everything we now know is a terrifying mess… there wasn’t perhaps more important activists, tech experts and tactical media specialists with something more pressing to speak about.

Who knows if Ito at that time was already getting yanked by the tail of the Esptein/Brockman IT shapeshifters ?!…

But it was pretty clear that he was already an IDIOT !

The actual video seems to be down, but here’s a few links to examine it further…

https://fahrplan.events.ccc.de/congress/2006/Fahrplan/speakers/187.de.html  +++
https://events.ccc.de/congress/2005/fahrplan/events/390.en.html ++++ https://joi.ito.com/weblog/2006/12/31/wow-talk-at-23c.html ++++
https://we-make-money-not-art.com/joichi_ito_on_w/ ++++
++++ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gWie_MBndA
+++ https://fahrplan.events.ccc.de/congress/2006/Fahrplan/events/1738.en.html

Here’s Joi getting more serious at 22c3… seriously libertarian, that is:



> Video link Added >

Joi on WoW at 23c3

warning: it’s terrible !

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