< Aug 22 > CiTiZEN KiNO #81 : Embedded Dystopias at CCCamp2019, Ziegelei, DE

- A situationist cinema for our futurist-fed times -

Day 2 at the About:Freedom tent

About / work-in-progress :

In this episode we investigate the technological landscapes ( and their tragic interiors ) that have put the advertising + consumer worlds in the automated driver’s seat, while the future of a living planet is tied up in plastic body bags , stuffed in the trunk, and ready to be disposed. How do we go about dismantling this brutal dead-end scenario now !? And how do we replant sustainable ways of being,  intermixed/symbiotic urban and rural living, and collective organizing ? And what does tactical media ( + tech ) look like now in the age of Surveillance Capitalism ?!

We have collected some film arts + media clips + themes to navigate together, and unlock the puzzle of our promised mangled future. And we look for the emergency exits.

” Another end of the world is possible. ” With reference to the radical history lens of Christophe Bonneuil and Jean-Baptiste Fressoz ( The Shock of the Anthropocene )


Liebe Leute/ Dear Comrades, we are prepping our CiTIZEN KiNO#81 for CCCamp2019… and hope to set up more dates in Btropolis ( and beyond ) for when we return… If you would like to support ( financially ), assist in the production ( i.e. recommend related media bits ), become part of our XLterrestrials team, and/or wish to host us … we are all ears, buzzing earthly brainmatter and flesh-based organisms !

+ Please Note: This is all about taking back our present and our futures, and staying neutral + uninformed is probably one of your worst options !

Contact us by email to find out how you can donate TODAY !

to be cont.


This is our 3rd poster version for CK81 ( and maybe CK82 ) … which is a part of our visualization process … and honing in on the themes we want to cover …

CK#81: Embedded Dystopias topics: “anthropocene” ( misdirections ), surveillance capitalism + mediated society, technotopia/dystopia, seasteading and the bunkering elites,  cultures of resistance, tactical media …


to be cont.

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