Jubileum feest in A’dam : XminY = 40

As part of XminY’s series of events as part of their 40th anniversary celebrations we just experienced a most illuminating debate held at De Baile ( the venue where XLt once got its feet wet in the serious business of tactical media convergences known as Next Five Minutes back in 2003, just as the WTO summit was gathering in Cancun on the other side of the globe ).

The dabate pitted the positions of international solidarity funds vs. charity, or grassroots enabling vs. structural adjustments, the theme opened up a whole new activated window on the front of how to really change course in the One World Way of global justice, which means in essence the paradigm shift of “it’s Not about giving more, but taking less” or more radically: empire game over! … We’ll have to come back on analyzing that one. It’s a strategic mouthful.

Meanwhile XminY’s next event is THis Saturday – 29.11 – The 40th Anniversary Fest! With live music from Caspian Hat Dance, Son 5, dj/vjs Podinski and Trecid… and more.

Where + When : Plaats Zaal 100, de Wittenstraat 100, Amsterdam, 21.00 – 2.00 uur, Aanvang bands 21.30


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