An XLT analysis exclusive: Tarantino’s New Gutless Gutter-Twist


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When Doucheboy Tarantino was asked by a journalist about the minimal dialogue given to actress Robbie’s ( Sharon Tate ) character… he replied: “I reject your hypothesis”.

… uh yeah, ok. … Weinstein’s career-long pal rejects a reasonable question from a female journalist at Cannes !

” Really !? You put Sharon Tate in yur flik – as an horderve – and gave her nothing to say… and no other women to express about THat ( history of Hollywood right there ) ! … what a frickin exploitation-king-moron !”

- XLt analyst 1

” Haven’t seen it, and probably won’t… the new Tarantino is no enfant terrible / bad boy work … he’s as central to Hollywood as Disney, Sexism and Old White Men getting rich off exploitation + spectacle + numbfeeding + thumbsucking.”

- XLt analyst 2

A clever mofo in constructing his macho controversies + cashflow… what a dismal script for fellow douchebags ! Spoiler Alert, read the Boston Globe’s quick finale synopsis, and if you’re ready to talk about it, we’re here. The new gutless Hollywood game probably deserves a little Numchuck thrashing with a nod to giving the spirit of Bruce Lee or Sharon a final word !  And anyone needing to give it a kick to the groin in the spirit of #metoo is also most welcome.”

- XLt analyst 3

” Tough dude that Quentin ! He had all the spine of a leftover party slime mold when his own girlfriend – Mira Sorvino – was getting repeatedly sexually harrassed by Weinstein, his sugar-daddy executive producer ( for 8 out of 9 film bro swigs ) … guess keeping the money flow and power in the net was more important !  Should anyone care much to see what he has to say or fawn-over in his nostalgia wank for the same-as-it-ever-was Hollywood?! “

- XLt analyst #4


Please note the Globe’s review of “The Great Hack” – in the link above, and put ABOVE the review of another one of Tarantino’s gutless gutter romps.

We hadn’t yet realized that it was directed by the media ninja Jehane Noujaim ( whom we interviewed back when her “Control Room” doc came out ) and Karim Amer. A far worthier topic to discuss… and as soon as we watch it – probably without paying the Netflix vulture-conglomerate – we look much more forward to the constructive and tactical conversations that can come out of real bad ass cinema.


Now THAT’s THE DARING film to watch + discuss right now !

to be cont.

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