CiTiZEN KiNO #81: Embedded Dystopias, A Society Mangled By Admen !


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CiTiZEN KiNO #81 – Coming soon to an embodied space near YOU !

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“While everyone’s waxing nostalgic about the genius of Blade Runner again ( R.i.p. Rutger Hauer ) … let’s not forget that Ridley Scott is still one of the world’s biggest advertising execs/moguls/profiteers… who also happens to make Hollywood films.

His company RSA Films employs over 30 directors ( and huge production crews ) pumping out ads year-round. And his pioneering ad game in 1982 helped to make “product placement” übercool ! Wanna guess how many ad deals Scott made for BR1 ?!

( We’re still investigating that, and what kind of deals + amounts were made for that in 1980s. Any inputs welcome. )

… And it should be mentioned that the characters Roy Batty, Pris et al actually serve more or less as slick + sexy ads for a coming-of-a-demented-age of human-like robots, A.I. and the whole techno-dystopia … And one of the most appalling anti-art descents in hindsight, is that in the midst of an admittedly powerful climactic scene of Roy dying, Ridley drenches it in numerous “TDK” backdrop-plugs… It is unquestionably a profound moment in sci-fi cinema, but also one of the most revealing to take apart and analyze how your emotions might be manipulated by this gargantuan industrial Spectacle … with embedded agendas. Here is a script whereby your empathy gets triggered ( and re-oriented ? ) as you watch the duel of a ‘homocidal’ rebel replicant ( fighting to survive, and extend its lifespan ) vs. a Bounty Hunter ( and date-raping ) COP … So a “psychomedia analyst” – many years later, as techno-fascism looms all around us – might ask: Were we truly getting our strings pulled by what is essentially the two sides of a kind of Nazi-Bro-Übermensch coin !?… Sympathy for the corporate Bots being installed ? … Ridley wasn’t critiquing a dim post-human future, he was plugging it in !


Not exactly what the author PKD had in mind when he wrote his rich irony-ridden classic promethean sci-fi tragedy + WARNING about the perilous state of humanity strung out in an endless corporate-consumer junkydom. ”

-XLt analyst

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We’ve already done a number of shows on BR… Electric Sheep Revisited, Replicant Memories and Electric Sheep Revisited x2 ( for BR2 )….

This is another good moment to revisit the case of Hollywood’s bastard-adaptations of PKD… a theme which was at the very roots of whence CiTiZEN KiNO began to imagine a public lab for media analysis, deconstruction and decompression. A situationist cinema ! Spectale hacking and tactical media navigations.

So now we begin work on a slightly different scalpel approach to these Brain Tumor Industries. Now that the communications spectrum is almost entirely driven by the advertising engine … ( i.e. The Net + Surveillance Capitalism )…  let’s take a little dive into picking apart the world of the Admen !

to be cont.

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