XLt Summer Radar v.2: Drink Up, and Be Mercurial !




THis lovely Pic nabbed from the Transcyberian archives… and because “they” are active this weekend in the Btropolis… an expanded Crypto-Party of sorts… called “More Cyber”…

… which to us – XLt – seems a little absurd, hope that is meant ironically, cause we need more cyber like we need more large bore-holes drilled in our heads !… Nevertheless there are some interesting speakers, including Mr.Oliver. No, not John Oliver, he’s pretty funny and pretty good at skewering our cooked times, but… This is not the entertainment sector; THis Oliver has dedicated some skills to help secure communications in the Extinction Rebellion network, and usually has some very precise things to advocate to get our shit together before its too late(r) !

There’s other stuff down below that will probably get you on track for a productive weekend … and beyond… and over the borders … and well-pissed … and/or nourished !

On the XLT Radar :

< July 13 > Transcyberians at C-base, 17h til ?

< July 13 > Dokumentarfilm: Die Erdzerstörer (F 2019 Р99 Min) РScreening + Discussion at Kalabalik, Reichenberger Kiez

< July 12-13 > Trash-o-lade Р1st Congress for Eternal Space Holidays-  at Kultur Kili Haus, Disconnect Store, etc. ( Fb Invite )

about : – Fuck off system (Berlin) unites with Panzerschokolade (Vienna) to celebrate our respective 10 year anniversaries -




More to come, probably !

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