XLt Radar + Kiez Notes: Analog Rebellion + The Sov of the Orgs


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– XLt RAdAR -

The Dates ( added ):

< June 5 > HIIG Lecture - José van Dijck: Europe and responsible platform societies at Säälchen – Holzmarkt, 18:30h
< June 7-8 > Symposium: Atlas of the Anthropocene, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
< June 7 > No Shit! Exberliner turns 17, at Acud ( FB invite )

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< June 20 > CiTiZEN KiNO #79 : Eyes WiRED Shut + Fundraiser Afterparty at Regenbogenfabrik / Kino, Kreuzberg, 20:00h

About CK#79:

Tactical media for revolutionary times ! In this episode we collect
films and media clips to create a public discussion about the cybernetic
regime, techno-colonialism, surveillance capitalism and the impacts on
social structures, labor + livelihoods, social + personal behaviors,
cities and neighborhoods, everyday life … and THE RABBITS too.

Is the “Analog Rebellion” your last chance to survive with any dignity and/or habitat and/or oxygen/water/soil !?

( Please keep an eye at the top of the blog for a more extensive preview / essay about this episode )

Plus ( emergency ) fundraiser – for The XLterrestrials + C-KINO project
AFTERPARTY with special guests, LIVE MUSIK , tombola and various
known + unknown pleasures, and maybe a dj or two.

“Tickets” on sale now ! Note: All our recent shows have been by donation, but contact us and purchase a ticket to support the production. Surprise Perks will be created to thank all our “pre-paid” supporters !

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(  work-in-progress )

There is no point in keeping up with The Digital-Joneses ( hmm, Digital Jonestownses ? ), your technosphere is contaminated with the botulism of populism and all those titanic monopoly vultures. This is the domain of a rabid new toxicity of power-grabbing technofascists. A rogue capitalism?! Or more precise: a continuing, automated, accelerated, patriarchal, steroidal viagrandized Hyper-krapitalism ?!

This reductionist viral plague subjecting us all to an abstracted virtualizing un-place feeding on user / subject victimization in the dark webs of scorched-earth, market logics and total domination !

Your best chance now, given the circumstances, is to stay focused on and fight for your analog existence, and what is required for your community’s survival, sustainability and well-being as individual + collective organisms situated in time and place amongst your equals, your neighbors and fellow species… or as the indigenous say more simply: ALL OUR RELATIONS !

to be cont.

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XLt supports the extinction of all the plasticide producers !

Kiez Notes  Part 2 :

The Sovereignty of the Organism(s)

coming soon !

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In the meantime, feel free to print out this black and white poster version of our upcoming CiTiZEN KiNO #79 and post around the KIEZ ( and you can email us for a higher res version too ) :



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